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Mint Accounting

Who are we?

Mint, having started at the end of 2010, is a relatively young business by professional service standards. We have grown rapidly over this time and have clients across the UK. The Mint team is made up of qualified and part-qualified accountants, and tax advisors.

Mint is an industry leader in the cloud accounting market. The Mint team is dedicated to ensuring clients are working with the most current technology and will work with you to drive your business forward.

As a business, we have crowdfunded and bank funded so have first hand experience with the financial hurdles businesses face whilst trying to scale up. We are still a growing business and believe this benefits our clients as we can share our experiences with you. We love collaboration and our client’s thoughts and feedback have helped us to develop our own business since we started.

Our mission has always been to provide regular advice to our clients, whether that is basic accounting advice, complex tax advice or strategic advice. We want to be on hand to help you as your business grows. We believe that this regular contact allows us to keep up to date with what is going on in your business and to give you the best possible advice.

Who are our clients?

As we have been using cloud based systems with our clients since 2010, we have clients all over the country. The majority of our clients come to us due to the systems we use, such as Xero, rather than where we are located.

We specialise in working with ecommerce, manufacturing and construction related businesses.

Our e-commerce clients tend to sell primarily via Amazon and use Amazon fulfilment services. This means many of our clients end up trading globally and reporting in a number of different jurisdictions. Over time we have developed our own business to create a team specialising in Amazon based business accounting. We have also developed relationships with accountants around the world who can provide support to our clients when trading out with the UK.

The use of systems such as Xero and Link My Books has allowed us to simplify the services we offer to Amazon traders.

Dan Little