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How Lodestar Accounting builds deeper connections with their clients with the 20 hours per week they save using Link My Books

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Chloe is the founder of Lodestar Accounting with lots of experience with Xero in the industry. When she's not getting stuck in to Xero and helping to guide businesses, she spends time with her family which includes her two young children Millie & Archie. Their favourite activity is walking their energetic dogs Chester and Rey.

Chloe Fallon

Guiding businesses to exceed their goals

Working in practice, I was carrying out a variety of tasks with a number of businesses. My favourite part of the job was seeing the impact that good financial management can have on business owners & their businesses where business owners are willing to partner with their accountant and really value their services.

Alongside that, I felt there was a different way to integrate work with homelife, rather than one being balanced with the other.

From those two things, our remote business with fully flexible working, Lodestar Accounting, was born. Lodestar is another name for the guiding star, the North star, and that is our aim, to guide business owners in their financial management to help them reach and exceed their goals.

Chloe Fallon, Founder of Lodestar Accounting explains:

"Estimating the time saving for our team, I'd suggest approximately 20 hours saved per week, which is whopping!"

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Growing Pains

As a business we're always looking at more efficient ways of doing things. With our knowledge of ecommerce businesses, over a third of our client base are now in this sector. As this proportion grew, it was important for us to find a streamlined, efficient way of processing the sales which helped split out the sales accurately for VAT purposes.


Visibility on Autopilot

When we discovered Link My Books we fell in love! Processes have become much more automated and efficient, moving away from manual postings. The speed of set up is fantastic, with clients finding it straight forward to connect sales channels. Auto posting helps transactions flow in a real time basis, keeping Xero as up to date as possible and giving business owners visibility of their finances.


Building Better Client Relationships

Using Link My Books to streamline the processing means the team can spend more time building relationships with our clients, understanding their goals and helping guide them to achieve and exceed them.

"It's a no brainer. The set up is straight forward, tool is fantastic and support team are amazing. Get set up now, save time and use that to build deeper connections with your clients!"

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Streamlining Finances, Building Relationships

The journey from recognising the impact of effective financial management on businesses to the establishment of Lodestar Accounting reflects a commitment to guiding business owners towards surpassing their goals. The challenges encountered in managing a growing client base, especially in the ecommerce sector, were met with the innovative solution of Link My Books.

The implementation of this streamlined and efficient process not only saved considerable time for the team but also allowed them to focus on cultivating meaningful client relationships. With Lodestar Accounting and tools like Link My Books, the vision of providing guidance akin to the North star in financial management has come to fruition, creating a successful synergy between business efficiency and client engagement.

Link My Books comes highly recommended

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