VAT Product grouping

Never overpay VAT again

VAT Product Grouping ensures the correct tax rates are applied to products by grouping them into standard, reduced and zero rated product groups and applying the correct VAT rate every time.
VAT Product grouping

How VAT Product Grouping works

Products grouped automatically
Amazon & Shopify

Products grouped automatically

For Amazon and Shopify accounts, Link My Books automatically detects the product tax setting and groups the products accordingly.
Assign products to groups
Other channels

Assign products to groups

For other channels simply assign your products to the correct VAT group via the Product Groups page.
Accurate VAT rates automatically applied

Accurate VAT rates
automatically applied

The correct tax rates are automatically applied to products in each group meaning you’ll never overpay VAT again and your profit margins are protected.

Why VAT Product Grouping is important

If you’re selling a mixture of standard, reduced and zero rated products then it’s vital that you account for their VAT treatment accurately. If you don’t, you could end up paying too much VAT and that can be detrimental to your businesses profits.

With Link My Books accurately automating this you can have confidence that your VAT return is correct and that you’re maximising your profits. Plus you can focus your time and energy on all the other things your ecommerce business throws at you instead.

Ready to gain confidence in your VAT return?

Accurately automate your bookkeeping, ensuring your split of standard, reduced and zero rated products has the correct VAT treatment.
Dan Little