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How ClearCloud Accounting saves 70+ hours per month streamlining e-commerce accounting with Link My Books

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“With a passion for finance and a keen eye on ecommerce trends, I excel in the fast-paced world of internet business. Balancing a busy professional life, I enjoy unwinding on the golf course and spending quality time with family.”

Jordan Cowsill

Accounting Director at ClearCloud Accounting


Elevating Ecommerce Finances for Growth

ClearCloud Accounting is a leading provider of tailored accounting solutions for ecommerce businesses. Specialising in services ranging from bookkeeping to tax planning, ClearCloud Accounting leverages modern tools like Xero and Link My Books to maximise profitability and efficiency for its clients.

Jordan Cowsill, Accounting Director at ClearCloud Accounting explains:

“We focus on maximising profitability and efficiency for our clients, ensuring they can focus on growing their businesses."

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Navigating Bookkeeping Challenges

Before integrating Link My Books, ClearCloud Accounting faced challenges in the bookkeeping processes for ecommerce transactions. Jordan mentions that their processes were "more labour-intensive, involving manual data entry and reconciliation," leading to a significant investment of time and resources to maintain accuracy in financial records.


Game-Changing Partnership

Discovering Link My Books proved to be a game-changer for ClearCloud Accounting. The decision was based on the platform's strong reputation, positive reviews, and innovative solutions tailored to enhance accounting services for ecommerce clients.

"Link My Books’ strong reputation and positive reviews made them an obvious choice for us" says Jordan.


Revolutionising Ecommerce Bookkeeping

Link My Books transformed ClearCloud Accounting's approach to ecommerce bookkeeping. According to Jordan, "The automation of data entry and reconciliation processes has significantly reduced manual workload," allowing the team to focus more on strategic advisory services and value addition to client relationships.

“My favourite aspect of Link My Books is the automatic tax and account mapping feature, a unique offering that sets it apart from competitors. Additionally, their customer support is exceptional, providing timely and effective assistance whenever needed."

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Link My Books' Positive Impact at ClearCloud Accounting

Client feedback on Link My Books has been overwhelmingly positive, emphasising its ease of setup, time-saving capabilities, and the confidence it brings in bookkeeping accuracy. ClearCloud Accounting has successfully elevated its advisory services, offering guidance on business structuring, cash flow management, and strategic tax planning for ecommerce clients.

ClearCloud Accounting appreciates the continuous improvements and responsiveness of the Link My Books team to user feedback. According to Jordan, "This partnership has been beneficial for both our firm and our clients, and we look forward to its ongoing evolution."

Link My Books comes highly recommended

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