Flexible billing options

Your practice. Your billing. Your choice.

Have clients pay directly or take out your own subscription to cover multiple clients. The choice is yours.
Flexible Billing

How our pricing works for partners

If you have multiple ecommerce clients you can opt to take a subscription for your practice and bundle those clients together under one plan. Your price will be based on the number of orders all connected client accounts receive as a whole per month and the number of channels you’ve connected to Link My Books.

You’ll only need one plan to cover all clients. See your billing estimate below using our interactive tool.
How many orders per month for all your clients?
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Total cost
Cost per client sales channel

Or alternatively, clients can pay directly

Each client you invite to Link My Books can pay for their own subscription. Their price will be based on the number of orders they receive per month and the number of channels they connect to Link My Books. See here for our pricing.
Clients can pay directly
Partners choose Link My Books

Why partners choose Link My Books

As you grow your practice and scale the number of clients you serve, choosing the right partner to automate each client's bookkeeping with accuracy is vital.

That’s why thousands of accountants and bookkeepers trust Link My Books, because we’re accurate, efficient and most importantly - we’re experienced ecommerce experts and accountants ourselves too.
Hand Drawn

Ready to scale your ecom client base while spending less time servicing them than you do now?

Save countless hours servicing your current ecommerce clients and partner with us to help even more clients who need expert guidance in running their business.
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