financial analytics

A clear view of cross channel performance in one place

Grow smarter with powerful analytics for all your channels in one place.

How Financial Analytics works

Select your channels and date range

From the channels you have connected to Link My Books, select which of them you want to include in your analytics report then choose a date range for the report too.
Analytics overview

Analytics overview

In the overview tab you’ll see all your selected channels grouped as one, with metrics like, sales growth, refund ratio, profit, ROI and even tax liabilities along with a mini profit and loss report showing how it all breaks down.

Profit & Loss by channel

In the P&L by channel tab you can dive even deeper, breaking down all your metrics by individual channel so that you can easily compare how each channel is performing against the rest.


Compare your business's performance against other similar businesses and see how you stack up against industry averages. This is a great way to spot growth opportunities in your weaknesses and double down on your strengths.

VAT audit

For our UK customers, easily generate monthly or quarterly VAT audits to ensure you’re accounting for the correct amount of VAT on your revenue and expenses across all your channels.

Not just automated bookkeeping

Link My Books is first and foremost an automated bookkeeping solution for ecommerce businesses but we don’t stop there. We showcase a full suite of analytics to give you a better understanding of what your numbers actually mean.

Ready to see how your business stacks up?

Start making better growth decisions today with Link My Books Financial Analytics.
Dan Little