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How Link My Books helped Sadler Advisory grow from actively avoiding to actively pursuing e-Commerce clients

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After a successful career as a finance director in the media industry, John founded Sadler Advisory in 2019. The firm has grown to serve 270 clients across various industries, driven by a passion for problem-solving and delivering accurate financial insights.

John Sadler

A New Path in Accounting

John Sadler, CEO of Sadler Advisory, transitioned from media finance to establishing his own firm in 2019. With a desire to be closer to clients and to be his own boss, John started with no clients and a vision to provide exceptional accounting services. Today, Sadler Advisory serves 270 clients, including e-commerce businesses in various sectors.

Finding a New Direction

"I knew I wanted to work in a job that was being closer to clients, but also one where I could be my own boss," says John.

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Tackling Chaotic Accounting

In 2023, Sadler Advisory took on a rapidly growing e-commerce client selling organic coffee. The client's accounting system was chaotic, with cumbersome software and unreconciled transactions, making accurate monthly reporting impossible.


Streamlined Accounting with Link My Books

Link My Books provided an intuitive interface, accurate accounting entries that matched bank settlements, and simplified VAT return reviews. It reduced transaction lines in Xero, enabling quick reconciliations and reliable monthly cash flow reports.


Efficiency and Insight

With Link My Books, Sadler Advisory shifted focus from time-consuming reconciliations to strategic client meetings, cash flow management, and optimizing gross margins. Monthly meetings are now more efficient, allowing deeper financial insights.

"Link My Books has transformed our approach to e-commerce clients. Recommendations from fellow accountants convinced us to adopt it, and we haven’t looked back since. The interface is user-friendly, it saves us 10 hours each month, and it’s essential for accurate VAT treatment. We now confidently market our practice as a leader in e-commerce accounting."

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The Future of E-Commerce Accounting

Sadler Advisory's journey highlights the importance of innovative solutions in accounting. With Link My Books, they have not only improved their processes but also enhanced their service offerings. As e-commerce continues to grow, Sadler Advisory is well-equipped to support clients with accurate and efficient accounting solutions.

Link My Books comes highly recommended

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