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With cutting edge software from Link My Books and top rated bookkeepers from EcomBalance, you’ll be in great hands. We’ll take care of your books and give you advice on how to grow your business too.
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What is Link My Books Gold?

Link My Books have partnered with EcomBalance to create the ultimate e-commerce bookkeeping service. The software of Link My Books and the expert bookkeeping force of EcomBalance. We call it Link My Books Gold.

What's included?

  • Link My Books software subscription
  • Done for you bookkeeping service from EcomBalance
Link My Books and EcomBalance
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With Link My Books

  • Automated accounting for your sales channels
  • You're responsible for accounting for other business expenses
  • You have to reconcile your bank statements in Xero or QuickBooks

When you switch to Link My Books Gold

  • Automated accounting for your sales channels
  • Other business expenses entered into Xero or QuickBooks for you
  • Bank statements reconciled for you
  • Financial statements and recommendations delivered by the 15th of each month
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Spending too much time on your e-commerce bookkeeping?

Most ecommerce businesses spend far too much of their precious time on bookkeeping. Even if you're using Link My Books to automate your e-commerce bookkeeping, you're still left with all of your other business expenses and reconciling your bank accounts.

If you'd rather be focusing on growing your e-commerce business and have a totally hands off approach to your monthly e-commerce bookkeeping then you're in the right place.
Get started with hands off bookkeeping
If you spend hours of your time reconciling bank accounts and hunting down invoices and receipts, switch to Link My Books Gold today and put a stop to that.

Not your average bookkeeping solution

Link My Books Gold offers gold-standard, best-in-class e-commerce bookkeeping services for aspirational e-commerce business owners.

We don't just keep your books in balance, no no. We provide you with monthly insights into your business to help you make the right decisions to achieve your goals.

Between us, we've got 50+ years of e-commerce experience and in our previous ecommerce businesses, we generated almost $100m in sales revenue and completed 10 lucrative exits. We're the experts you need in your corner.
“Link My books and EcomBalance have helped me truly understand my financials and gain clarity on where my growth opportunities are.”
Tim | 8-Figure Shopify & Amazon Seller
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Get our dream team fighting for your ecommerce business
“Honestly, the guys at Link My Books and EcomBlalace are so smart. They’ve shown me ways to grow my sales by helping me better understand where my profits were really coming from.”
Sarah | 7-Figure Shopify & Amazon Seller
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We'll help you to grow your ecommerce business

As well as balancing your books every month, we'll also deliver a comprehensive set of findings and recommendations each month to help you make educated decisions on how to grow your business.

Think of us as your virtual CFO. We're here to help you ensure your books are not only accurate but that you know what they mean.

Knowing how each sales channel is performing against the others and where your profit is really coming from will help you to better focus your time and investment in your business.
Gain clarity on your financial reporting

How it works

Pick a Link My Books Gold plan to suit your business needs. Our plans are fully inclusive, meaning your normal Link My Books subscription is included so you'll just have one invoice for your entire ecommerce bookkeeping service.
Fill in our intake form. This is where we get to know your ecommerce business a bit better, your goals, the channels you sell on and other details we'll need to take bookkeeping off your shoulders.
We'll match you to a bookkeeper at EcomBalance. They'll be your point of contact should you have any questions regarding your books and will know your business inside out after a while.
If you're not already using Link My Books, your bookkeeper will invite you to connect your sales channels so they can automate the data flow into Xero or QuickBooks.
Your bookkeeper and the EcomBalance head financial controller will take a deep dive into your existing bookkeeping and determine if it's accurate or if they need to redo it.
By the 15th of every month, we'll send your financial statements (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, & Cash Flow Statement) with findings & recommendations so you can make smart decisions while growing your ecommerce business.

3 Steps to bookkeeping freedom

pick a plan to startarrow
Pick a plan
All our plans include a free Link My Books subscription and hands-off bookkeeping. Your books will be balanced and ready for your CPA to file come tax season.
business detailsright arrow
Complete the
intake form
Spend 15 minutes telling us a little about your ecommerce business, your goals and your current bookkeeping solution, and then let us take care of it from now on.
connect sales channels
Connect channels and grant access
If you're not already using Link My Books then we'll guide you through the process to connect your sales channels and you'll need to grant EcomBalance access to your Xero or QuickBooks account too.

Sit back and relax

With these 3 steps completed, your eCommerce bookkeeping is now officially no longer one of your monthly tasks. What you choose to do with the time you save is up to you.

Simple all-inclusive pricing

Tier 1
per month
With $500,000 or less in sales
Get Started
  • $500k or less in annual sales
  • Up to 3 bank accounts
  • 1 eCommerce marketplace
  • Link My Books subscription
Tier 2
per month
With $500k to $1M in sales
Get Started
  • $1m or less in annual sales
  • Up to 5 bank accounts
  • 2 eCommerce marketplace
  • Link My Books subscription
Tier 3
per month
With $1M to $5M in sales
Get Started
  • $5m or less in annual sales
  • Up to 8 bank accounts
  • 3 eCommerce marketplace
  • Link My Books subscription
Tier 4
per month
With $5M to $10M in sales
Get Started
  • $10m or less in annual sales
  • Up to 10 bank accounts
  • 4+ eCommerce marketplace
  • Link My Books subscription
Packages are fully customizable to your needs. Click Get Started and we'll find the right package for you.


Dan Ashburn
Alex Engar
We struggled to find bookkeepers that truly understood our business. EcomBalance has been all of that and much more. Best in the business.
Neils Olsen
5 stars
We were constantly behind on our books, so thankful for the EcomBalance Team that keeps us up to date! Great value for the services offered.
Michael Sovie
5 stars
At first, I was a little concerned that EcomBalance would not be able to provide the personal service I needed. I was pleasantly surprised; they did a wonderful job answering all my questions and books. The monthly reports are fantastic!
Ryan Clark
5 stars
Great experience - their monthly report is exactly what you need to run your business. It allows you to see how well you are performing on a monthly basis.
Ronan Walsh
5 stars

Frequently asked questions

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What bookkeeping is included?

Our service is straightforward. We charge you on the first of the month and you get your books by the 15th. You get an income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement each month along with any findings and recommendations. We work out of Quickbooks Online or Xero and use Link My Books to pull in the data from all of your sales channels.

What is the best accounting method for an ecommerce business?

Accrual accounting is the best accounting method for most ecommerce businesses because if your goal is to one day exit and sell your business then most buyers will want to see financial accounts in that format.

What is ecommerce bookkeeping?

Ecommerce bookkeeping is a practice that involves recording a business's revenue, expenses, inventory levels and other financial data into a bookkeeping system such as Xero or QuickBooks to gain a clear picture of how the business is performing.

Dan Little