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How the team at All Number Matter went from working 12-hour shifts manually crunching numbers for ecommerce clients to automation success story using Link My Books

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All Numbers Matter, a small accounting firm affiliated with the Cheap Accounting franchise, specialises in managing financial data for clients using various platforms such as Amazon, PayPal, Etsy, and Shopify.

Lindsay Miller

Director at All Numbers Matter Limited


Unlocking Time: All Numbers Matter's Search for Efficiency

In the intricate world of accounting, time is money, and for All Numbers Matter, every minute spent manually handling vast amounts of data was a minute away from their core expertise in managing accounts. Faced with the challenge of juggling data from multiple platforms, the firm sought a solution that could not only save time but also ensure accuracy in their records.

Lindsey from All Numbers Matter explained

"Accounting for our clients sales from Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Shopify was very time consuming and we were not convinced this was accurate or capturing all the data."

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Data Deluge Dilemma

All Numbers Matter grappled with the overwhelming task of manually processing copious amounts of financial data from diverse e-commerce platforms. The fear of inaccuracy and the sheer time consumption of this process led them to search for an automated solution that could streamline their workflow.


The Answer to All Numbers Matter's Accounting Woes

Enter Link My Books – the lifeline that transformed All Numbers Matter's operations. With Link My Books, the firm found a comprehensive solution that not only automated the data import process but also ensured accuracy in their accounting software.


Time-Saving Transformation

The implementation of Link My Books brought about a remarkable transformation for All Numbers Matter. The time saved allowed the team to transition from 12-hour workdays, primarily spent on data handling, to a more balanced work schedule focused on their core competency – managing accounts efficiently.

"We have recommended this several times to both colleagues and clients when they have expressed similar issues to what we had before discovering Link My Books. We basically say, 'This product will change your life and your business.' Many, if not all, are now using your product."

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A Story of Automation Triumph

All Numbers Matter's success story with Link My Books stands as a testament to the transformative power of automation in the accounting world. The firm not only overcame manual processing challenges but also experienced unexpected financial benefits and enhanced client satisfaction.

Link My Books comes highly recommended

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