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How Lola Design uses the time saved using Link My Books to focus on what they enjoy most, designing great products

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Frank is a sales and Marketing professional with passion for realising brand growth potential in start-up and scale-up businesses. His background is in Commercial and Marketing functions at senior management level in FTSE 30 & global Top 10 FMCG organisations.

Frank Mountain

Co-Founder of Lola Design


Crafting Dreams - Lola Design's Artistic Venture into Entrepreneurship

In the dynamic world of design and entrepreneurship, Lola Design emerged from the combined talents of co-founders Frank and Amanda Mountain. Amanda's artistic background blended seamlessly with Frank's experience in FMCG Sales and Marketing, leading to the creation of a design-led gift stationery and greeting card company. Starting from their home's spare room, Lola Design quickly scaled up, partnering with external fulfillment services and assembling a virtual team. Their cloud-based business now thrives, generating a substantial $1 million annually while maintaining the charm of operating from their kitchen table.

Frank Mountain, Co-Founder of Lola Design explains

"Link My Books saves us both time and provides us with invaluable insight. Plus the team are great!"

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The Struggle with Complex Financial Accounting

Amidst the success, Lola Design encountered a challenge familiar to many growing businesses—the increasing complexity of financial accounting. Reconciling payments, navigating foreign exchange rates, managing shipping costs, and deciphering fluctuating COGS and customer returns became time-consuming. Factor in the ever-changing fee structures from various selling platforms, especially during peak seasons with thousands of daily orders, and the need to stay on top of financial intricacies became critical.


Financial Harmony

Enter Link My Books, a lifeline for Lola Design's financial intricacies. With the ability to reconcile payments from various online channels and track P&L by channel, the platform eased the burden of wrestling with complex financial variables. Lola Design found solace in the accurate and streamlined financial management that Link My Books provided, particularly when dealing with the challenges of peak seasons and high-volume orders.


From Numbers to Designs

The time saved through Link My Books allowed Lola Design to redirect their focus to what mattered most—designing great products and maintaining their commitment to unique design, product quality, and customer satisfaction. The platform's efficiency freed up valuable time, enabling the creative duo to return to their artistic roots and concentrate on the core elements that set them apart in a competitive market.

"I would absolutely recommend Link My Books to anyone running an Omnichannel consumer goods business, it's an absolute god send for the B2C side of things and has virtually saved our sanity."

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Lola Design's Journey with Link My Books

Lola Design's journey with Link My Books stands as a testament to the transformative power of streamlined financial management in a creative business landscape. The platform not only addressed their accounting challenges but also empowered them to thrive in their passion for designing exceptional products.

Link My Books comes highly recommended

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