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Why EcomBalance migrated to Link My Books from A2X

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Nathan founded EcomBalance back in 2021 with his co-founder Connor Gillivan after they discovered a huge need for a simple bookkeeping service specifically for ecommerce businesses.

Nathan Hirsch

Founder of EcomBalance


Helping ecommerce businesses master their finances

EcomBalance exists to help ecommerce founders release themselves from the frustration of bookkeeping. Right from the outset Nathan and the team knew that to achieve ecommerce bookkeeping accuracy at scale they'd need a great software partner to collect and categorise the data, but finding the best ecommerce bookkeeping integration turned out to be harder than they expected.

Accurate numbers for smarter decisions

"We strive to build long-term relationships with our customers so they don’t have to worry about their finances from startup through to acquisition. Our goal is to get you accurate numbers you can use to make smart decisions for your business."

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Finding the right integration

Nathan and his team had tried lots of different ecommerce bookkeeping integrations out there and had initially settled on A2X. The team at EcomBalance soon discovered certain inconsistencies, reconciliation issues and their A2X monthly invoice was starting to really rack up. Plus they were finding A2X's user interface difficult to navigate.


A smooth migration

EcomBalance chose to make the switch to Link My Books, migrating hundreds of their ecommerce clients over from A2X. The migration process was done in collaboration with the team at Link My Books making sure each client was transitioned over to Link My Books smoothly.


Getting more for less

Not only did EcomBalance make a whopping 58% financial saving on their A2X bill by switching over to Link My Books, but they also gained unparalleled support, new features that made a difference to their monthly bookkeeping tasks and best of all, through their feedback Link My Books implemented a collection of new features too.

"As an e-commerce bookkeeping firm picking the right tools is essential. We went through a bunch of them before finding Link My Books. Link My Books has proven to be super easy for my team to use and very accurate for our clients. The best part is the support we get. Not only are they fast but they listen to feedback and are quick to make improvements. If you are a seller or a bookkeeping firm I strongly recommend Link My Books."

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Switching is easy, and worth it!

Not all software (and the teams behind them) is created equally. EcomBalance learned that after testing out Link My Books with a few of their clients. Luckily making the switch from A2X to Link My Books was quick, easy and seamless ensuring the team at EcomBalance could continue with their mission, "Bringing clients accurate numbers they can use to make smart decisions for their business."

Nathan Hirsch, Co-Founder of EcomBalance said: "We could not be happier after making the switch to Link My Books. They’re reliable, accurate and best of all they listen to feedback and implement improvements fast. What more could we ask?"

Link My Books comes highly recommended

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