December 29, 2023
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December 2023, Product Update - New Features & Improvements

Let's take a look at the new features and improvements we added in December, 2023. Monthly performance summary emails, Square & TikTok Shop region.
December 2023, Product Update - New Features & Improvements
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Track and understand your business performance

Monthly Performance Summary Emails

🚀 New Monthly Business Insight Alert! 📊✉️

Exciting news! Brace yourself for our Monthly Summary Email—a quick, insightful snapshot of your business performance:

📊 Sales Growth: Track this month versus last for a quick win check!

🔄 Return Ratios: Keep returns in check for smooth sailing.

💰 Profit Growth: Celebrate wins with a peek at profit margins!

📈 ROI: Gauge efficiency with return on investment.

📧 Convenient Delivery!

No complex reports. Just a monthly email for on-the-go entrepreneurs. Opt-out with a click if you prefer. It's your business, your call!

🚀 Your Input Matters!

We're evolving! Noticed something missing? Share your thoughts—we're all ears.

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Connect Square to Link My Books

New Square Integration

🎉 Exciting Update: Link My Books + Square Integration! 🔄✨

Big news! We've seamlessly integrated with Square! 🤝 For businesses using Square as their POS, this means effortless bookkeeping and automatic transaction perfection.

Effortless Bookkeeping: Let Square and Link My Books handle the numbers!

Transaction Accuracy: Every sale accounted for—no more missed beats.

🚀 Expanding Possibilities!

Link My Books now supports businesses on online marketplaces, shopping carts, and POS systems. Watch this space as we continue to grow into new markets.

🎉 Ready to Elevate?

Don't miss out! Embrace integration, simplify operations, and set your business on a trajectory for success.

TikTok Shop Region Support ForAccountants

TikTok Shop Region Support For Accountants

After the introduction of our new TikTok Shop UK and US integrations last month we’ve now also updated the way accountants and bookkeepers will select the region for their clients selling on TikTok Shop.

If you have clients that are yet to test selling on TikTok Shop you might want to consider giving them the heads up as it’s fast proving to be a very lucrative channel for many sellers who have expanded out from Amazon to selling on TikTok Shop too.

Bugfixes and Improvements


Bugs fixed

  • Disconnected Xero accounts bug
  • Payouts from TikTok Shop being bundled together on TikTok Shop but not in Link My Books
  • Walmart split settlements not rolling over balances for easy reconciling


  • Integration with WooCommerce (accepting beta testers now)
  • Analytics - compare against industry averages
  • Analytics - state of the market monthly update
  • Integration with FreeAgent

What else do you want us to work on?

We’re a product led company. This means we don’t spend huge budgets on advertising and marketing to win new business, instead we focus on creating a product that genuinely solves a pain point for ecommerce sellers and accountants. We let our product do all the talking.

We’re keen to continue to learn from our customers to further improve Link My Books. So hit reply and let us know what else you think we should be working on…

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