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eBay Managed Payments to Xero or QuickBooks | Link My Books

eBay recently announced that all sellers in the UK, US and other major eBay locations will be migrated across to their new eBay Managed Payments payment gateway solution.

How will this work?

eBay Managed Payments operates much like Amazon’s current payment gateway for 3rd party sellers, so anyone using the Link My Books Amazon Integration will already have a good idea.

eBay will act as the payment processor for all eBay sales, collecting payments from your customers. eBay then make payouts directly into your bank account – you can choose to schedule these daily as funds are available, or weekly. These payouts will account for your sales minus eBay’s fees.

How to integrate eBay Managed Payments with Xero or QuickBooks

Luckily for you, Link My Books have been working on an eBay Managed Payments solution to allow you to easily and securely account for your eBay sales with Xero or QuickBooks.

If you use our Amazon integration already then you’ll know just how easy Link My Books makes accounting for your sales, fees, VAT and other taxes.

With just a few clicks you can integrate your eBay account with Link My Books and post accurate, summarised and easy to understand payout summaries to Xero or QuickBooks.

We break down your eBay payouts and post summarised invoices for each payout to your accounting platform

Accounting is all about things balancing. With the Link My Books eBay to Xero integration we take each of your payouts you have received from eBay and break them down into their individual transaction categories like:

  • Sales principal
  • Shipping
  • VAT
  • eBay Fees

We then create accurate summary invoices for each individual payout from eBay meaning you can rest assured that not only have you accounted for your sales, fees and VAT accurately – you will be able to match the invoices we create against the deposits into your bank from eBay in just one click inside Xero.

How much does Link My Books eBay integration cost?

The pricing will be in line with our current Amazon integration pricing. See the full pricing info here.

Is there a free trial?

Yes! Head over to the registration page and create an account, connect up your eBay Managed Payments account and Xero or QuickBooks and start a free 14 day trail today!

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Dan Little
Dan Little
Dan Little - Co-Founder & CEO of Link My Books. When he discovered how frustrating bookkeeping can be when selling on Amazon he sought to create a solution.
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