October 24, 2023
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7 Steps to Add TikTok Shop Links to Videos (Beginner's Guide)

Discover how to add TikTok shop links to your videos easily. Follow our simple step-by-step guide and se your shop up for success.
7 Steps to Add TikTok Shop Links to Videos (Beginner's Guide)
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Key Takeaways from this Post

TikTok allows users to add shop links to videos, but there are strict guidelines to follow. Not everyone can add these links; only those with business accounts meeting specific criteria, like a certain follower count, can access this feature.
To add a TikTok Shop link, users should download the TikTok App, set up a business account, create a relevant video, insert the shop link from the Post or Showcase module, optimise the link visual, post the video, and then monitor engagement and performance.
Incorporating shop links into TikTok videos offers various advantages: monetisation opportunities, enhanced user engagement, expanded reach, increased brand visibility, and a seamless shopping experience.
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Can You Add Links to TikTok Videos?

Yes, you can add links to TikTok videos. 

However, it is essential to note that TikTok has tight guidelines surrounding video links, so expect those to undergo an additional review process. 

Can Anyone Add a Link to Their Video?

Currently, not everyone can add links to TikTok videos. The feature is available to TikTok accounts that meet specific criteria, such as having a certain number of followers. 

The most important part of adding links to videos is ensuring you have a business account. Personal TikTok accounts cannot access this feature because you need a business account to run TikTok ad campaigns and manage account sales. 

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How to Add a TikTok Shop Link to a Video

There’s no doubt that TikTok has been a trending social media platform, but aside from increasing brand awareness, it now works as a great e-commerce store. With the help of product links, you can now generate more revenue for your business. 

Here is how to add a TikTok Shop link to your video in seven steps: 

  1. Download the TikTok App: The TikTok App is already available in several countries, including the UK and US. 
  2. Set up a Business Account: A business account will allow you to set up a TikTok Shop, currently available in the US, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. 
  3. Create your video: Create the video you want to share on TikTok. Ensure it aligns with the content you plan to link to, whether a product in your online store or an affiliate link.
  4. Insert the Shop Link: To add the TikTok Shop link from the Post module, click the Add link and select the Products you want to add. From the Showcase module, click Add to choose which product you want to add/link to your video.
  5. Optimise Link Visual: Enter the Product Name and click Add. You can also edit your video’s caption to encourage viewers to click the link. 
  6. Review and Post: Finish editing your video and click Post.  
  7. Monitor Engagement: Monitor your video's performance to see how well the shop link performs. TikTok provides analytics to help you track clicks and engagement. You can also sync TikTok Shop to Quickbooks to simplify sales and accounting.

Now that you’ve learned how to link products on TikTok, rinse and repeat the process and start scaling your sales! 

However, it’s important to note that adding multiple products will also determine how the links will be visualised; if you add one product link, the product name will be displayed. But if you add multiple product links, the number of products will be shown instead. 

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Why is My TikTok Shop Link Not Showing?

When TikTok Shop links don’t show on your videos, there are several reasons to explore. 

Some of the common causes include: 

  • Ineligibility: Set up your TikTok Shop correctly and meet TikTok's eligibility criteria for adding links. You must have all the requirements to include links in your videos.
  • Technical Issues: Check your internet connection and ensure you're using the updated version of the TikTok app. 
  • Unavailable in your region: There are countries where TikTok Shop has yet to launch, so double-check that your country is eligible.
  • Content Violations: TikTok may remove or restrict content that violates its community guidelines. You can avoid this by reviewing your videos before posting them and ensuring that your video complies with TikTok Shop rules.
| **Possible Issue** | **Possible Solution** | |:---:|:---:| | Ineligibility | Ensure that your TikTok Shop is set up correctly and that you meet TikTok's eligibility criteria for adding links. | | Technical Issues | Check your internet connection and ensure you're using the latest version of the TikTok app. | | Unavailable in your region | Some regions may not have access to TikTok Shop yet. Confirm that your country is eligible for TikTok Shop links. | | Content Violations | TikTok may remove or restrict content that violates its community guidelines. Review your videos before posting to ensure compliance and avoid potential link restrictions. |

Remember, if your video doesn’t show your TikTop Shop link, work through the list above and stay patient.

Benefits of Adding Shop Links to Videos

Adding links to your videos is a great idea— especially if you have a significant following and create top-notch content.   

Several benefits of adding TikTok Shop links to your videos are: 

  1. Monetisation: One of the most beneficial things that Tiktok Shop links do is help you increase revenue. Adopting this marketing strategy can earn money by directing viewers to your online store or someone else's if you’re engaging in affiliate marketing. 
  2. Improved Engagement: TikTok is renowned for its viral content that captivates users within 10 seconds, which is great news if you’re scaling your marketing efforts. Creating videos and linking products to these encourages viewers and buyers to visit your shop or follow your account. 
  3. Expanded Reach: Your video may reach a broader audience as viewers share content with friends and followers who might be interested in your products.
  4. Brand Visibility: You can attract a larger audience by integrating your products into TikTok Shop and linking them to your videos. Brand visibility will generate interest and attract new customers for your business. 
  5. Seamless Shopping Experience: TikTok Shop linking helps streamline the purchase process for TikTop app users and makes it more convenient for them to buy products directly from your shop. 
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Learning how to add a TikTok shop link to any video is great for your e-commerce business. Doing so allows you to create videos, run campaign ads, and connect with your audience on a new level. 

While adding links to your videos is reserved for specific users and countries, it's worth exploring if you want to take your TikTok presence to the next level. 

As TikTok continues to evolve, you can use this as leverage to innovate and expand your business. We suggest you focus on creating brand visibility on TikTok Shop while Link My Books does the heaving lifting for you – managing sales data, accounting, and revenue.

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