November 30, 2023
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November 2023, Product Update - New Features & Improvements

Let's take a look at the new features and improvements we added in November, 2023. TikTok Shop US, Settlement Sent Overview Page and more!
November 2023, Product Update - New Features & Improvements
Table of contents

New Features

Support for TikTok Shop US

TikTok Shop US

🎉 Breaking News: Taking TikTok Shop by Storm! 🚀

The applause hasn't settled from our UK triumph, and we're thrilled to share the spotlight with our US audience! 🌟 Brace yourselves for the next big leap—Link My Books is now your go-to platform for seamlessly integrating with TikTok Shop US!

🇺🇸 USA, We've Got You Covered! 🎊

Connect your US TikTok Shop account to Link My Books and unlock the magic of automated bookkeeping. Say goodbye to manual entries and hello to efficiency! 🚀

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Settlement Sent Overview

Sent Settlements Overview

🔍 Revolutionising Client Account Management! 📊✨

Attention, bookkeepers and accountants! We've just cranked up the convenience dial to make your life a whole lot easier. 🚀 Now, with a simple glance, you can effortlessly track the status of your clients' account settlements. No more guesswork, no more waiting—just smooth, streamlined efficiency!

🚀 Key Highlights of this Game-Changer:

Instant Insights: Get a quick snapshot of your clients' settlements without breaking a sweat.

Eliminate Delays: No more starting month-end tasks early—take charge as soon as all relevant settlements are in and sent!

Bugfixes and Improvements


  • Help site organised into sales channels for easier browsing
  • Removal of VAT analytics for non UK accounts

Bugs fixed

  • Setup wizard for TikTok US not showing QuickBooks bank accounts
  • Analytics feature not picking up advertising costs or COGS
  • eBay premium advertising fees showing under seller fees
  • Validation of EU VAT numbers for Link My Books billing not working


  • Integration with Square (accepting beta testers now)
  • Integration with WooCommerce (accepting beta testers now)
  • Analytics - compare against industry averages
  • Analytics - state of the market monthly update
  • Analytics - monthly growth summary email

What else do you want us to work on?

What else do you want us to work on

We’re a product led company. This means we don’t spend huge budgets on advertising and marketing to win new business, instead we focus on creating a product that genuinely solves a pain point for ecommerce sellers and accountants. We let our product do all the talking.

We’re keen to continue to learn from our customers to further improve Link My Books. et in touch with with all your ideas!

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