February 15, 2024
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Reinvesting Profits into Amazon FBA

Once your hard work starts to pay off, your Amazon business should consider reinvesting profits. Here are some ideas that will make a serious return.
Reinvesting Profits into Amazon FBA
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When your business starts growing, it can be tempting to take home all the revenue you’re generating. But all business owners know they must reinvest their profits into their company. After all, when reinvesting business profits, your company will grow.

Conventional wisdom says business owners should reinvest 20%-30% of funds into their business. But why should you reinvest revenue back into your business? And what do you do with those dollars?

These are common questions that business owners, especially eCommerce sellers on Amazon, may ask themselves. There are many ways to reinvest in an Amazon business, and knowing what’s right for your company may seem overwhelming.

Here’s everything you should know about reinvesting profits.

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Benefits of Reinvesting Profits

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Is your business starting to generate significant profits? If so, you should consider reinvesting a percentage of that revenue into your business. Here are some ways in which reinvesting profits can improve your company.

Better Financial Standing

Businesses that reinvest in their company experience a better financial standing than those that don’t. When reinvesting profits in your company, you can purchase more inventory, hire more staff, expand operations, and more.  

This will make your business more efficient and competitive, leading to more growth.

Avoid Debt

Since your business will use profits as investments, you won’t need to take out as many loans. This is why reinvesting profits helps you avoid debt. Plus, you can keep more of your investments since you won’t pay as much back in interest.

All of this will lead to better financial health in your company.

Retain Company Ownership

Another way that businesses seek external funds is by looking for investors. When a third party invests in your business, they seek part ownership of the company. This can dilute the control you have over your business.

By reinvesting profits, you keep full company ownership and can control every aspect of your business.

Ways to Reinvest Your Amazon FBA Profits

Reinvesting profits can ensure long-term success for your FBA business. But how should you reinvest your revenue? Various business owners will have a different strategy, but here are a few ideas.

Marketing and Advertising

One of the best ways to reinvest your Amazon profits is by creating a marketing and advertising strategy. When you optimize your listings for the right keywords, invest in good images, and write high-quality product descriptions, you’ll perform better on Amazon SERPs, leading to more leads and sales.

Amazon is also a popular outlet for advertising. You can use your profits and devote a percentage to PPC and sponsoring products. This way, you can improve brand awareness and grow your consumer base.

Create New Product Launches

A lot goes into a new product launch. You’ll not only need to account for the time to plan and execute the strategy but also create a marketing campaign to hype up existing customers. Plus, all of this costs money.

If you plan on selling a new product, consider reinvesting profits into the launch. This way, you’ll not only pay for the costs to plan and manufacture the item but can support the marketing that comes with a product launch.

You’ll also be able to invest in new images and an Amazon store redesign.

Improve Manufacturing

Even if you don’t plan on launching a new product, you can improve existing ones. The first place many businesses may start with reinvesting profits is by improving the manufacturing process.

You may want to use different materials, invest in more quality control, or choose a new manufacturer. All of these changes will improve the quality of your product, satisfying your customers.

Encourage Customer Loyalty

Your business won’t grow without devoted customers. Therefore, another effective place for reinvesting profits is through customer loyalty.

First, start with your customer service. Hire the best customer service agents and train them to ensure your customers feel valued. If a customer needs to return the product, ensure the process is smooth.

You can also offer customer rewards programs and free giveaways to entice your consumers. Other ways to retain customers include offering promo codes and discounting products.

Certain marketing tactics, such as an email newsletter, will also keep your customers coming back to your business.

Further Your Education

When reinvesting profits, you don’t have to apply those funds to your business. Instead, you can invest in your education and expertise. Attend conferences or join seminars. You can find numerous Amazon-specific conventions worldwide, which is an easy way to learn new industry insights.

These are also great opportunities to network with other professionals and improve your eCommerce skills.

Expand Your Team

A high-earning Amazon business isn’t always a one-person team. That’s why a great way to spend your sales dollars is by seeking outside help or hiring new staff members.

Businesses can start by looking for third-party Amazon consultants or an eCommerce firm to assist with various tactics, such as advertising, product strategy, and marketing, so that you can focus on the core business activities.

You can also hire or outsource different staff members. Some roles your Amazon business will need include an eCommerce manager, business analyst, marketing manager, logistics manager, product description writer, and web developer.


Image of cell phone with stock report

When you make more money, why not invest those funds in the right places to multiply your revenue?

There are many avenues where businesses can profit even more. Reinvesting profits in cryptocurrency, managed funds, stocks and bonds, annuities, and other banking products is always a smart choice.

You can also expand these investments to your staff members, providing them with a 401(k) and other retirement plans. That said, when you make any type of investment, you’ll need the best tax and bookkeeping software–specifically one that’s designed for eCommerce businesses.

Business Protection

Even if you’re having a successful sales period, the rewards won’t last forever. Ecommerce sellers should reinvest in a business continuity or disaster prevention plan.

Some ways you can do this is by saving your extra profits, preparing for slow sales periods, investing in data protection, and taking measures to prevent a cyberattack. You can also use your reinvestments to hire or outsource professionals, such as cybersecurity experts.

Another way to protect your business is by reinvesting profits in insurance. Different insurance products can protect you from costly problems, such as general liability, professional liability, worker’s comp, cargo, product liability, business interruption, and property insurance.

Accidents and issues happen, but they can set a business back without the right protection. That said, it’s best to only invest in the insurance you need and can afford.

Software and Tools

Numerous tools and platforms can expedite your business processes. While Amazon offers many tools for free, you may need more advanced software when your processes become more complex.

For example, some tools can streamline invoicing, handle taxes and bookkeeping, CRMs, and marketing. When choosing new software, look at where your business needs the most support and find a tool to automate that task.


While this isn’t a direct business investment, donating to charity has huge benefits. Aside from tax savings, charity donations can improve brand awareness and create better social value.

Which charities should you focus on? Many businesses focus on large charities, such as UNICEF, Salvation Army, Save the Children, American Red Cross, and Feeding America. While these are good charities for starters, your business should also focus on organizations that tie into your morals.

For example, if your business is passionate about marine life and runs a business devoted to this interest, give back to charities in this category.

Don’t forget about charities in your local community. Even as an online business, giving back to your community is a great way to network, receive referrals, and hire local staff members. Some local charity ideas include food banks, schools, and environmentalism.

Reinvesting Profits Comes With Numerous Benefits

Once your Amazon business starts generating serious revenue, it can be difficult to know what to do with the extra funds.

While paying yourself back is key, consider reinvesting profits. You’ll not only experience improved business processes but you’ll be in better financial standing and can prevent serious problems down the road.

Plus, investing your business dollars can result in improved marketing, increased customer loyalty, and better software. Doing this is a better option than taking out a loan or seeking external investors.

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