January 3, 2024
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8 Best Xero Integrations in 2024 (Add Ons Compared)

Simplify your bookkeeping processes with this guide to 8 of the best Xero integrations & grow your business profitably!
8 Best Xero Integrations in 2024 (Add Ons Compared)
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From automatic eCommerce data transfers to building automated workflows, Xero integrations make managing your accounts easier. Interested in learning what Xero add ons can do for your business? Read on to discover 8 of the best Xero integrations available. Plus, we'll give you an extra 5 as a bonus!

Key Takeaways from this Post

Link My Books automatically transfers financial data from your eCommerce store to your Xero account.
Xero integrations add functionality to your Xero software, enabling tasks like receipt scanning, building automated workflows, and payment processing.
There are thousands of Xero integrations, many of which help with VAT compliance. They ensure you pay the correct amount of VAT each and every time.
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Why Use Xero Integrations?

Xero integrations make life a whole lot easier for businesses and their teams. Switching between multiple applications is not only time-consuming, but also leaves you open to errors when it comes to unifying your processes. Unity is the key to a smooth-flowing business management system.

Xero offers a wide range of integrations so businesses like yours can consolidate their online activities. Whether that's linking your Amazon or eBay accounts, managing your CRM, or integrating your payment processing apps, Xero's got a solution for them all.

Today, we're going to go through some of the best Xero integrations.

What Can Integrate with Xero?

There's a huge selection of Xero integrations, the most popular ones we'll look at in this article. Xero's add ons can help businesses solve problems that they can come up against online, such as managing and processing their data, data entry, inventory management, or automating tasks. They add extra functionality to your Xero subscription by connecting it to other software.

Here are some of the most popular Xero integration categories from the Xero App Store:

  • Invoicing and jobs
  • Time-tracking
  • Payroll & HR
  • CRM
  • Inventory
  • Bills & expenses
  • Payments

To benefit from many of the integrations, you'll need to sign up to the third-party platform.

How Many Integrations Does Xero Have?

There are more than 1,000 integrations on the Xero app store. Furthermore, there are thousands of unofficial Xero add ons that third-party platforms have built to connect their solutions to Xero.

Xero's currently trialing an app integrator program as well where selected businesses can get help from Xero experts with choosing and setting up their integrations. To benefit from this, you'll need to register your interest here.

In the meantime, read on to discover eight of the best Xero integrations for your business. Plus, I'll briefly go through an additional five as a bonus.

8 Best Xero Integrations

  1. Link My Books
  2. Tipalti
  3. WellyBox
  4. Xero Analytics Plus
  5. Zapier
  6. Xero Practice Manager
  7. Stripe
  8. HubSpot

1. Link My Books: Best for Seamless Bookkeeping

Link My Books homepage.

Link My Books is number one on our list of best Xero integrations. Our software makes eCommerce bookkeeping simpler than ever before. Link My Books connects your Xero account to your Amazon, Etsy, eBay, TikTok or Shopify store so all your transactions are seamlessly transferred. It even works out your sales tax for you automatically.


Information about how Link My Books generates summary invoices, along with an example summary invoice

  • Compatible with Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Shopify.
  • Newly-launched Xero TikTok Shop integration.
  • Accurate profit/loss analyses and summary invoices.
  • One-click reconciliation.
  • Excellent level of support.
  • Calculates taxes.
  • Runs on autopilot.

Compatible With Multiple eCommerce Channels

Whether you want Xero eBay integration or Xero Shopify integration, Link My Books has you covered. Whatever sales channels you use, you can ensure your accounts are accurate and up-to-date. Even if your business operates across multiple channels, such as Amazon and eBay, you can expect seamless integration. Link My Books enables you to smoothly consolidate and transfer your accounting information to Xero. For just $29/month, you can connect five sales channels to your Xero account.

Accurate Profit/Loss Analyses and Summary Invoices

A Link My Books summary invoice

When you use Link My Books, you'll benefit from accurate profit and loss analyses. It analyses metrics like sales, fees, refunds, advertising costs, to accurately tally up your profits, both before and after taxes. Furthermore, you can turn on COGS (cost of goods sold) tracking quickly and easily. This is shown in real time, so you can be sure that you're always looking at the most up-to-date figures.

One-Click Reconciliation

Transfer your accounting data to your bank account, and vice versa, with just one click. This helps you to ensure that all your transactions are accurate and accounted for. Bank account reconciliation highlights any discrepancies within your records, so that all your transactions across your records match up.

Excellent Level of Support

One thing we noticed when we were carrying out our competitor research for our Link My Books venture is the lack of support that competitors offer. That's why we've strived to provide the best level of customer support possible. Link My Books has a wealth of online resources to help you get up and running, including blog posts, how-to guides, and webinars.

However, we've gone one step further by offering every customer a one-on-one onboarding session. We also have a team of eCommerce and accountant experts on-hand to answer your questions and help you with the software.

Calculates Taxes

Text and a graph showing the benefits of using Link My Books to calculate taxes

Let's face it, nobody likes doing their taxes. There's so much opportunity for errors when you're doing it manually. Link My Books automatically calculates taxes on all your items sold. This is then transferred to your Xero account for simple and accurate bookkeeping.

Runs on Autopilot

One of the best things about Link My Books is the level of automation the software provides. That's why our main philosophy is accurate accounting on autopilot.

Once you've gone through the simple Link My Books set-up process, everything pretty much runs on autopilot. From gathering and presenting your data, working out your taxes, and transferring everything over to your Xero account, you'll barely need to lift a finger.

2. Tipalti: Best for Managing End-to-End Payables

Tipalti homepage

Tipalti is a feature-rich software that automates your end-to-end payables processes. It's designed to streamline your workflows and reduce the time spent managing payments, suppliers, and partners. Tapalti is ideal for large, scaling businesses, and promises frictionless onboarding of accounts payable staff, partners, and suppliers.


  • Invoice management: Tipalti enables touchless invoice management. Users scan invoices into the system and the intelligent software automatically extracts the right details. Additionally, Tipalti has a range of invoice management capabilities such as putting invoices on hold, automated supplier communications, and real-time reconciliation of payments.
  • Supplier Hub: Tipalti's Supplier Hub allows businesses to encourage their suppliers to input information into the system themselves. Through this hub, suppliers can access payment details in real time, and choose what currency they're paid in. The system gives suppliers greater flexibility. It also takes the pressure off businesses and reduces their workload.
  • Tax compliance: With the Tipalti platform, businesses can reduce the risks involved with working out their taxes. Tax laws can be complicated, particularly if you're working with people across different countries. And when you have a large organisation with lots of payables, you need an intelligent solution that helps you to eliminate tax errors. Using Tipalti, you can request payables to fill in a tax form that coincides with their country of residence. It collects tax IDs digitally and verifies all the information is complete and accurate, according to the 1,000+ rules its set.

3. WellyBox: Best for Scanning Receipts and Tracking Expenses

WellyBox homepage

WellyBox is a virtual assistant that helps you manage your receipts. It utilises GPT to help businesses keep track of their expenditures with accurate records. There are multiple choices for where to export your documents including Google Sheets, Excel, and Word. This makes it easy for you to keep your documents in one place. Or, send them all over to your accountant on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.


  • Expense tracker: Welly Box features automatic expense tracking. It will automatically scan your emails for receipts and extract information from them. You can save receipts to the cloud and share them quickly with your accountant.
  • Receipt scanner: Thanks to WellyBox's digital receipt scanner, you can ditch the endless piles of paper receipts. The intuitive app is as simple as snapping a photo and sending it to the app.
  • Expense reports: WellyBox extracts important data from your receipts and transfers it to your reports. This is all done automatically when you add your receipts. You can then send those reports to your Xero account, quickly and efficiently.

4. Xero Analytics Plus: Best for Financial Data Analysis

Xero Analytics Plus on Xero App Store

Xero Analytics Plus is Xero's very own account analytics application. It's designed to enable business owners to dive deep into their accounts so they can make informed financial decisions. As one of the many Xero add ons that are created by Xero itself, this integration works seamlessly with the software.

Xero Analytics Plus is included in Xero's Ultimate plan for £49/month. If you have one of the cheaper plans available, you can try it free for 4 months.


  • Cash flow forecasting: Xero Analytics Plus uses artificial intelligence to generate cash flow predictions. These can be set to 7, 30, 60, or 90 days ahead. Through this add on, businesses can plan future events, and make data-based decisions for their business. Furthermore, you can manually move money around to see forecasts for different scenarios and Xero projects.
  • Business snapshots: With Xero Analytics Plus, you can get a snapshot of your accounts according to different metrics and KPIs. For example, you can view profit/loss, sales, and expenses graphs that show your business's historical data, as well as future data like cash flow forecasting. You can also select date ranges and compare data from two different time periods.

5. Zapier: Best for Building Automated Workflows

Zapier homepage

Zapier is an application automation platform through which you can connect different apps together to have a seamless online experience. You can build automated workflows that will help you boost productivity; no coding required.

For example, Zapier can connect your Salesforce account, which is a customer relationship management software, with Xero. You can then create and send Xero invoices, bills, and contact information through the platform.


  • Triggers: Zapier works by users setting 'triggers' along with their corresponding actions. So when a customer does something, for example, makes a payment (trigger), the information will automatically be added to your Xero account (action), as per the action you've set.
  • Onboard new clients: The Zapier Xero integration allows businesses to automate their client onboarding processes. For example, you might automatically send welcome emails by connecting Xero with MailChimp. This makes for better client management.
  • Invoicing: Set up automated Xero invoices and receipts through Zapier. By connecting Xero to your eCommerce store, you can send invoices, scheduling them to be sent when a customer owes you money.
  • Data management: Through Zapier, you can keep your data up-to-date by syncing your eCommerce store, customer engagement tools, CRM, and any other accounting tools you use. You can keep track of your customer data to help you make better decisions.

6. Xero Practice Manager: Best for Managing Your Staff

Xero Practice Manager dashboard video

Looking for a Xero integration that allows you to manage your staff and their daily tasks? Xero Practice manager might be the one for you. This powerful software connects seamlessly to your free Xero platform, and allows you to manage your staff and your finances simultaneously.


  • Assign work: Through Xero Practice Manager, you can view each staff member's schedule and assign work to the appropriate person. You can also set deadlines for task completion, and track its progress through to completion.
  • Track time and invoices: Xero Practice Manager enables businesses to track the time staff spend on jobs. This automatically translates to a dollar value of how much the job has earned your business so far. It can automatically create and send invoices based on your rates.
  • Reports: You can generate reports with Xero Practice Manager based on the data it’s collected. For example, productivity level and how much time your business has spent on a job. The reports can include charts so that they're easy to interpret and visually appealing.

7. Stripe: Best for Processing B2C Payments

Information about Xero Stripe integration and a blue box with a woman walking dogs

Stripe is a flexible and popular payment processor. It's geared towards both small businesses and large ones, and enables users to accept one-off payments, as well as recurring payments.

Stripe has a suite of solutions, most of which work on a pay-as-you-go basis. This means you pay either a fixed price per transaction, a percentage of that transaction, or both. Integrating Stripe with Xero, businesses can import their Stripe transactions into their Xero software.


  • Automatic payments: When you use Stripe with Xero, you can enable your customers to set up automatic payments. Xero will notify you and your customer if the payment doesn't go through for whatever reason. Additionally, customers will be sent pre-approved invoices automatically. This automation means businesses that offer subscription services, such as SaaS, don't need to worry about chasing payments each month.
  • One-time payments: Stripe allows you to process one-time payments through your eCommerce store or other online platform. It maximizes security by using 3D customer authentication to verify their identities and minimise fraudulent activity. Transactions are completed swiftly, and funds accessed within minutes of the payment being made.
  • Taxes: Stripe calculates taxes on transactions and collects tax in more than 40 countries. You enable this by simply switching it on from your Stripe dashboard. Stripe's tax calculation and collection feature costs an additional 0.5% of the transaction and is well worth considering.  

8. HubSpot: Best for Customer Management

HubSpot CRM app on the Xero App Store

HubSpot is a widely-popular CRM that pairs nicely with Xero accounting software. The purpose of integrating HubSpot with Xero is to ensure that all the details of customers that make a payment are recorded in your CRM. This synchronicity can lead to better customer management, communication, and sales processes.

The good news is you can connect these two powerhouses together with a free HubSpot account. This makes it perfect for very small businesses and start-ups.


  • Send invoices: When your HubSpot syncs with Xero, you can send invoices directly through HubSpot; no need to switch back and forth between the two. This is a really handy feature because it means your sales team, who use HubSpot, can create invoices. And, your accounts team will be able to approve them through their Xero dashboard.
  • Automatic contacts: If there are any changes to the contact's details in your Xero account, these will automatically be changed in your HubSpot account too. Additionally, the details will differentiate between customers and suppliers automatically. 

Bonus: Five More Worthy Mentions

As a bonus, here are five more Xero add ons that are worthy of a place in this list:

1. Taxomate

Taxomate homepage

Taxomate is a bookkeeping management software, specifically for Xero Amazon integration. It eliminates the need for manual data entry by connecting Xero to your Amazon account. Taxomate automatically detects settlements made through Amazon. It then generates summary reports and transfers them to your Xero software. And as the name suggests, Taxomate automatically calculates your taxes due from your Amazon business.

2. EzzyBills

EzzyBills homepage

With EzzyBills, the important data is extracted from your receipts and invoices, and exported to your Xero account automatically. There's even a mobile receipt scanning app, which is handy for offline businesses. Furthermore, you can choose some optional Xero add ons for extra functionality. For example, approval workflows and item code extraction.

3. Unleashed

Unleashed homepage

Unleashed is an inventory management software. Use Unleash to keep an eye on stock levels, supplier performance, and sales performance. Connecting the software to Xero opens up a whole world of features designed to unify your inventory management and your accounts. Everything is sent to Xero from customer and supplier information, to sales and returns. Receive real-time stock level updates and inventory value visibility.

4. Airwallex

Airwallex homepage

Airwallex is an expense management solution that reconciles your payments and enables you to transfer payments into different currencies. You can send and receive payments through the platform, to and from more than 170 countries. With Airwallex, you can keep track of your business's finances. When you connect it with Xero, your transactions, like invoices and expenses, are automatically transferred to the accounting software.

5. Satago

Satago homepage

Satago helps businesses manage financial risks. You can access clients' credit scores to make informed decisions when it comes to your business finances. The software syncs with Xero, and automatically chases overdue invoices and sends payment reminders to clients. Another great feature of Satago is that it can provide finance from unpaid invoices so you can cover any unexpected costs that crop up.

How to Choose the Best Xero Integration for you

There are a number of criterion for choosing the best Xero integration for you and your business:

Identify Your Objectives

Chalk man climbing staircase towards a light build

Your objectives will depend on your business. For most businesses, objectives for Xero integrations will be to make life easier. There are loads of automation options that are largely a case of set it and forget it. Link My Books, for example, is bookkeeping on autopilot.

If you're a large business looking for a way of managing your suppliers, on the other hand, you might choose an integration like Tipalti instead. Alternatively, your objectives might be more data-focused. In this case, Xero Analytics Plus might be the right option.

Factor in Your Budget

Of course budget comes into play when choosing the Xero add ons for your business. Lots of integrational platforms have free trials available, including Link My Books, Xero Analytics Plus, and WellyBox. There's also a free version of Zapier if that's of interest to you. Compare the price of apps with their features, benefits, and potential ROI.

Read Reviews

Did you know that 98% of consumers read reviews about local businesses "at least occasionally"? Or that 46% of consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from family and friends? This is pretty compelling stuff that shows the importance of reading reviews before making purchasing decisions.

Look at review sites like Capterra and G2 for reviews from real users. These sites are good at showing the key features, pros and cons, and alternative software suggestions.

Link My Books, for example, has a 4.9/5 star rating on Capterra. Customers rate us highly for value for money, ease of use, and customer service. The Xero app store does have user reviews. However, there tends to be considerably less than on dedicated review websites.

Ask Your Accountant

Calculator with paper and pen

Another way to decide what Xero add ons to choose is to ask your accountant what would work best for your business. They can talk you through which ones will be most helpful according to your goals. They might also be able to set them up for you and explain their uses in more detail.

Consider the User Experience

Your team might need some training to use your Xero add ons effectively. As such, you need to consider the user experience of the add ons. This includes how easy it is to set up, configure, and use for day-to-day tasks. Xero gives you lots of information for using its official add ons through its blog and guides. Using a third party add on might be a little trickier though. You'll have to consult the third-party platform for guidance.

Review sites are a great source of information on an application's usability, so they're always worth checking out too.

Link My Books was created with ease-of-use in mind, whichever sales platform you use. This means it's simple as an Etsy Xero integration or, more recently, a Xero Walmart integration. The set up process is super easy. It even offers some 'sensible default settings' so you don't need to tweak things too much. And, as explained earlier, we have a fantastic onboarding team that'll help you get set up in just 15 minutes.

Getting Started With Link My Books

Today, we've looked at 13 Xero add ons to help with your bookkeeping tasks. Xero and its thousands of integrations remove the need for manual data entry, along with other menial accounting tasks. When you're deciding which Xero add ons to get, consider what features will help you meet your objectives.

Do you need an inventory management system? A card payment processing tool? Or something that collects customer data? Whatever your objectives, integrating different add ons into your Xero accounting platform will add functionality and help with better business management.

Need a solution to connect your online business to your Xero account? Look no further than Link My Books. Sign up today for a 14 day free trial, and keep your accounts in order. 

Link My Books free 14-day trial
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