January 31, 2023

Tips for Taking On More Clients as an Ecommerce Accountant

An accounting software that automates your ecommerce processes is an ideal way to take on more clients and still offer the same level of service.
Tips for Taking On More Clients as an Ecommerce Accountant
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Tips for Taking On More Clients as an Ecommerce Accountant

As an accountant, it's crucial to be able to take on more clients without sacrificing the quality of service for a higher clientele quantity. To do this, you need to have a sound system for tracking your clients and their needs.

With software for accountants, you can automate many of the tasks associated with being an accountant, saving you time and helping you keep track of your clients and their needs. Using eCommerce accounting software can also help you keep track of all your clients, their needs, and their progress so you can provide them with the best possible service.

Expand Your Capacity To Take On New Clients

First, you want to ensure you can begin taking on as many eCommerce customers as possible while maintaining the level of service you offer. Cut down on meetings, use multiple screens, and spend less time in your inbox. All of these things will help you accomplish more in accounting.

Here's a checklist to use as a starting point for making sure you cover the basics so you know you can take on new clients:

  • To ensure that your customers always get the most out of our services, you create a foundation of scalable systems, technologies, and procedures that can expand with your business
  • You have a thorough understanding of your clientele, including who they are, what problems they face, and which aspects of your service they appreciate the most
  • You create everything, from your logo to your social media profiles, with your ideal customers in mind
  • You’re able to take on more customers and maintain your standard of excellent service for them

Create Partnerships with Other Companies

Next, working with other companies specialising in eCommerce, like Xero, eCommerce software providers, and webstore developers, is a good idea. Not only are they able to recommend your services to their customers (and vice versa), but they can also keep you up to date on what's happening in the industry and boost your reputation.

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Ask For Reviews

eCommerce sellers are the ones who should know how critical online reviews are. Most customers are influenced by online reviews, making them an important part of your eCommerce growth plan. Choose one review website to focus on, and ask past and present clients to start writing reviews.

Offer Services That Complement Each Other

Having a lot of sales channels, marketing channels, suppliers, and customers can make it hard to run an eCommerce business. Offer complementary services enabling eCommerce company owners (and you) to make your business stand out, like Shopify seller accounting and sales automation.


You also want to advertise your accounting services across all the right locations. Keep your Twitter account up-to-date, join eCommerce groups on Facebook, improve your Google Ad Words campaign, and meet people at this year's must-attend eCommerce conferences and events.

Keep Track of All Your Clients and Their Needs

As an accountant, one of the most important things you can do is keep track of all your clients and their needs. Maintaining a list of their names, contact information, and the services they need from you can do this. Documentation like this will help you track who needs what and when they need it.

If you use software for accountants, Accountancy Manager, you can automatically generate this list of clients and their needs – which is amazon for Shopify seller accounting. Automation software can be a huge time-saver, as it means you don't have to input this data yourself manually. In addition, it can help you keep track of all your clients in one place, so you can easily provide them with the best possible service.

Prioritise Your Schedule So You Can Keep Good Communication with All Clients

As an accountant, it's important to maintain good communication with all clients. Investing in quality scheduling software, using a colour-coding system for client tracking, and setting aside time daily to answer questions and address concerns, you can ensure that your clients always get the attention they deserve.


Use Scheduling Software

Investing in quality scheduling software can help you keep track of all your appointments and deadlines. Staying on top of your schedule will allow you to see when you are free and when you are busy. Additionally, it can help you set reminders so you remember all important tasks.

Use a Colour-Coding System

Using a colour-coding system to keep track of different clients can also be helpful. This way, you can quickly see which clients need your attention and which can wait. For example, keep track of clients with upcoming deadlines in one colour, clients who have already been billed in another colour, and potential new clients in another.

Dedicate Time For Communication

Setting aside time daily to answer questions and address concerns is also important. This way, you can ensure that all your clients get the attention they need. Consider setting aside an hour each day for this task or block off specific time slots for different days of the week.

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Send Newsletters To Your Clients

Regular newsletters are also an excellent way to keep communication open with all your clients. It allows them to stay up-to-date on your latest news and developments. It also allows them to contact you with questions or concerns.

Use an Onboarding System

Finally, having a system for onboarding new clients is essential. An onboarding system helps ensure your clients understand your process and what expectations you have of them. It also helps build trust between you and the client from the very beginning.

Use Software Like Link My Books That Automates The Process and Saves You a Ton of Time

When it comes to taking on more eCommerce clients, we recommend that you avoid sacrificing quality for quantity. As an accountant, your time is precious, and you want to spend on providing quality service to your clients. Proper time management is where software for accountants like Link My Books comes in handy.

If you're looking for software that will help you take on more eCommerce clients without sacrificing quality, look no further than Link My Books.

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