November 15, 2023
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9 Best Amazon Seller Tools in 2024 (Simplify Your Business)

Which tools should you use to enhance your Amazon business? 9 of the best Amazon seller tools in 2024 that will simplify your business.
9 Best Amazon Seller Tools in 2024 (Simplify Your Business)
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As your Amazon business grows, the amount of time you need to invest in it, along with its complexity, grows too. You see Amazon sellers knocking out thousands of products each month. Their secret to keeping on top of their business? Amazon seller tools.

Key Takeaways from this Post

Link My Books helps Amazon sellers manage their accounting tasks with automatic financial reporting and tax calculations.
There's a tool for every Amazon business-related purpose, from data scraping and keyword research, to managing reviews and optimising your listings.
There is also a good selection of freebie tools for those on a tight budget.
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Today, we're going to take a look at some of the best Amazon seller tools in 2024. These are all aimed to simplify your business and ease your workload.

Best Amazon Seller Tools

  1. Link My Books
  2. Helium 10
  3. Jungle Scout
  4. AMZ Finder
  5. Unicorn Smasher
  6. Octoparse
  7. SellerApp
  8. ZonTools
  9. ProfitGuru

1. Link My Books: Best for Managing Your Amazon Accounts

A man carrying a box of saved taxes plus information on tax liability and improved Amazon accounting

Link My Books is number one on our list of top Amazon seller tools that'll help you simplify your business. Our must-have software is a type of accounting software for Amazon sellers. It conveniently connects your Amazon seller account to your bookkeeping software for smooth bookkeeping and tax filing.


  • Automatic consolidation of financial data
  • Accurate tax calculations for your Amazon business
  • A multi-channel experience

Automatic Consolidation of Financial Data

Profit and loss statement for Xero

When it comes to Amazon seller accounting, automation is the way to go. Link My Books automatically generates summary invoices of your financial data each time you get an Amazon payout. It includes a breakdown of sales, Amazon fees, and refunds for an in-depth and accurate bookkeeping experience.

Additionally, you can turn on COGS (cost of goods sold) tracking so that Link My Books accounts for the cost of each product you sell. The software then sends this invoice over to QuickBooks or Xero, depending on your choice of accounting software, so you don't have to enter it manually.

Furthermore, Link My Books facilitates one-click bank reconciliation. This means you can be sure that the data in your accounting software matches the deposits made into your bank account. When you use Link My Books, all your records will line up perfectly.

Accurate Tax Calculations for Your Amazon Business

Manual bookkeeping vs Link My Books graph

Tax calculations for Amazon sellers are notoriously troublesome. Not only do they have to account for sales, refunds, and fees, but they must also consider the different tax rules and regulations for different Amazon marketplaces. Plus, any accounting for sales they make on other sales channels. This makes accurate and automatic tax calculations one of the best features of Link My Books.

When it comes to working out your VAT Amazon is not the easiest platform to work with. Link My Books works out the VAT on each item you sell on Amazon and applies it to your records. It can ensure you avoid tax errors, along with the penalties such errors can lead to.

More still, automatic tax calculations means you save considerable time every month. And, you're not leaving your business vulnerable to tax mistakes that are easily made with manually bookkeeping.

A Multi-Channel Experience

Link My Books logo surrounded by integration logos

Last but not least, Link My Books customers will enjoy a multi-channel experience. Link My Books has a good range of integrations that work seamlessly together, whichever Amazon marketplace you're selling on. You can connect the software to multiple sales channels including eBay, Etsy, and Shopify, and be confident that all your sales data is collected and stored in your accounting software.

2. Helium 10: Best for Keyword Research

Helium 10 homepage with YouTube video

Helium 10 has a multitude of Amazon seller tools to help increase your Amazon sales. It's an all-in-one solution for enhancing your marketing strategies and growing your business. Users gain access to a dedicated Insights Dashboard where they can view all their metrics, access and manage their various seller tools, and automate their processes.


  • Keyword research: Helium 10 allows Amazon sellers to perform in-depth keyword research to optimise their listings and campaigns. One of its most useful keyword research features is its reverse ASIN lookup. This enables sellers to identify keywords that competitors are ranking for. Furthermore, Helium 10 subscribers will be able to see what keywords are not performing well for competitors, so they know which ones to avoid.
  • Analytics tools: Helium 10 offers a variety of analytics tools to help Amazon sellers scale. It tracks and analyses metrics like sales, ROI, and profits. You can even keep track of your inventory and clearly see when you need to restock specific products. As well as analysing data associated with your business, Helium 10 enables you to perform in-depth market analyses. This feature can give you unique and valuable insights into how to improve your business.
  • Adtomic PPC solution: Helium 10 enables Amazon sellers to automate and optimise their PPC campaigns. It delivers a wealth of data so you can understand how well your marketing efforts are working. Use this data to make smart decisions when it comes to improving your PPC strategies.

3. Jungle Scout: Best for Identifying Product Opportunities

Jungle Scout homepage and how it helps Amazon sellers

Jungle Scout is the go-too product research tool for many Amazon sellers. It has the power to transform your product catalogue with products with high earning potentials. Discover what products are selling well, and which ones to avoid. Jungle Scout's browser extension also provides valuable product data on the spot.


  • Browser extension: The browser extension is one of Jungle Scout's most famous features. Once you've installed it on Chrome or Firefox, you can pull up key product insights from Amazon searches to gauge their popularity. Quickly take a look at each product's historical data, like number of sales, price, and number of ratings.
    The Jungle Scout browser extension also gives you an opportunity score based on the data it's gathered. This will give you a good indication of whether the product is a worthwhile investment.
  • Keyword Scout: Looking for keywords for your listings? Jungle Scout can help with this too with its comprehensive keyword research tool; Keyword Scout. This will help you find the best keywords for your product listings.
    Furthermore, you can perform reverse keyword searches with Keyword Scout. Use this to peek at what keywords your competitors are using. You can identify their top selling products, along with the keywords that are helping them gain organic exposure.
  • Automate reviews: Reviews are priceless in the world of Amazon. They enable Amazon sellers to establish themselves as trustworthy, transparent, and reliable. Equally, reviews help buyers feel more confident and comfortable about making purchasing decisions. To that end, Jungle Scout has a review automation tool that automatically sends out messages to customers requesting reviews. This will encourage more reviews and help you establish your brand quicker.

4. AMZ Finder: Best for Managing Reviews

AMZ Finder software for managing feedback and reviews

AMZ Finder makes managing Amazon reviews easy. You can program the review management tool to automatically send out review request emails to your customers. Set different rules, templates, and even languages. The AMZ Finder dashboard gives you a complete view of your review history across your products. Keep track of both your positive and negative feedback.


AMZ Finder has two core products. We'll look at both of these:

  • Customer emails: With AMZ Finder's customer email plans, Amazon sellers can send out thousands of emails each month. You gain access to a range of email templates so you can maintain a consistent, yet personalised, brand image across all your email communications. As a bonus, these plans also come with an invoice generator.
  • Review management: If you choose one of AMZ Finder's review management plans, you'll benefit from daily review alerts via email and access to historical review data. Select the ASINs you want to track across multiple marketplaces. You'll then be able to see their review performance right there in your dashboard.

5. Unicorn Smasher: Best for Product Analysis

Information about Unicorn Smasher and YouTube video

Unicorn Smasher is similar to Jungle Scout. It's built for product analysis and research. You can opt for the free browser extension or a Unicorn Smasher Pro subscription, which requires a one-off payment. The free extension is perfect for beginner sellers trying to source new products to sell. The Pro plans, on the other hand, are ideal for experienced sellers looking to expand their product offerings.


  • Analysis dashboard: Unicorn Smasher's dashboard allows you to store all your product data in one place. Perform product searches and simply select which ones you want to move to your dashboard, according to their selling potential. This is infinitely more preferable to the gruelling manual alternative; creating spreadsheets.
  • Accurate data: Unicorn Smasher gathers lots of product data you can use to amplify your Amazon FBA business. Use data such as best seller ranks, prices, and reviews to determine the best products for your business. This process takes just seconds, meaning you can conduct your product research quickly and effectively.
  • Reliable predictions: Each product displayed in your browser extension when undertaking product research with Unicorn Smasher is given an opportunity score. This score is calculated based on real-time data. It allows you to predict how profitable an item will be for your Amazon FBA business.

6. Octoparse: Best for Scraping Amazon Data

Octoparse homepage about web scraping

Octoparse enables you to scrape data from Amazon products and searches. Quickly and easily organise extracted data, like product prices and ratings, to help you with your competitor, market, and product research. With Octoparse, you can create customised, automated workflows with a simple drag-and-drop UX. This Amazon seller tool combines generative AI with data scraping so you can build a more efficient and productive Amazon business.

7. SellerApp: Best for Optimising Your Listings

SellerApp homepage about how it can supercharge your Amazon business

SellerApp is a suite of software tools perfect for Amazon sellers wanting to get found in searches; and what Amazon seller doesn't want that? It can boost visibility of both organic listings and PPC campaigns.

SellerApp not only helps you find relevant, high-performing keywords, but also gives you actionable advice to improve your product listings. It does this using an advanced Amazon listing analyser to effectively audit your listings and identify aspects that are holding you back. Each listing gets a quality score too, so you have a benchmark to work towards.

8. ZonTools: Best for Managing PPC Campaigns

ZonTools homepage about how it's an all-in-one Amazon PPC platform and campaign graph

If you're running PPC campaigns, ZonTools will definitely make your life easier. It's an automation software for Amazon businesses designed to optimise your campaigns for consistent business growth. Amazon currently has three types of paid ad options; sponsored product ads, sponsored display ads, and sponsored brand ads. ZonTools works well across all of these. It automatically adjusts your bids for optimum profitability.

The ZonTools software will help you beat your competitors by ensuring your ads get into their listings. Plus, you'll have a higher chance of getting onto the first page of searches. This will gain you more exposure and, by extension, more sales.

9. ProfitGuru: Best for Finding Reliable Suppliers

ProfitGuru page with a YouTube video about how it helps private label and wholesale sellers

ProfitGuru has a range of market intelligence tools, such as product research tools and brand research tools. It even has an enhanced Amazon FBA calculator so you can keep track of your fees. However, we think that where profitGuru really sets itself apart is its supplier intelligence solution.

As an Amazon seller, it can be difficult to find reliable suppliers. ProfitGuru has a large supplier database with more than 4,000 suppliers. Search and connect with suppliers in your niche, and discover which ones your competitors are using for their products. The supplier database feature offers supplier intelligence that'll help you scale your business.

How to Choose the Best Amazon Seller Tools for you

A woman wearing a light blue shirt with a question mark hovering above each hand

With so many Amazon seller tools out there, how do you choose the best ones for you? While it's great to be comprehensive, you don't want to overwhelm yourself (or your budget) with too many software tools. We'd recommend sticking to two or three tools initially. Take these criterion into consideration when you're deciding which ones to go for:

  • Business size: Larger businesses will need more comprehensive and powerful tools to keep on top of all their processes. On the other hand, small businesses might not have the capacity or resources to manage such tools. And, some tools might not be necessary. For example, inventory management software is great for large businesses selling hundreds or thousands of products. However, it might be an unnecessary expense and resource drain on start-ups. Before choosing what software tools to adopt, consider how well your team will be able to manage them as well.
  • Budget: Your budget will determine what tools you use. You need to ensure that each Amazon seller tool will be worth your investment. Take a methodical approach to determine the financial benefits of each tool. Then work out which Amazon FBA tools are within your budget.
  • Software features: Do you need a keyword research tool, access to historical data, or a software to run efficient Amazon PPC campaigns? Jot down your objectives. Then, identify which Amazon FBA tools will help you achieve them.
    For example, you might want a greater presence in organic searches. In this case, a listing optimisation software would be useful. Alternatively, you might be struggling with your bookkeeping. If so, Link My Books might be the way forward.
  • Scalability: Your goal is probably to grow your Amazon business. As you do, you want your software to scale with it. Starting off with free tools is a great idea. However, you need to think about how easy it'll be to transfer your data to a more comprehensive tool once your business takes off. Some software have multiple plan options which you can simply switch over to as the need arises.

Best Free Amazon Tools

This list wouldn't be complete without a selection of free tools to help you along.


An example of the PriceBlink browser add-on along with a Get PriceBlink button

PriceBlink is a free tool that'll help you bag a bargain. It's a simple browser extension that shows you where you can find the best-priced products on the web. You can compare prices, and source coupons and codes, so you can get the best deals on the products you sell on Amazon. PriceBlink searches more than 4,000 merchants super quickly. It then presents you with a list of prices for a specific product, with the cheapest at the top.

Amazon Seller App

Information about the Amazon Seller App and links to get it

The Amazon Seller App is a must-have Amazon seller tool for all Amazon FBA sellers. Through it, you can manage your Seller Central Account, including all your orders and listings. You can also view your Amazon seller fees and other pricing information, such as the current buy box price.

The barcode scanner is a handy feature of this app. Simply scan a product barcode and, if the product is in its database, much of the information about the product will be automatically added to your listing. You can also use the Amazon Seller App for inventory management. Keep track of your stock levels, and view vital statistics and metrics.


An example of how CamelCamelCamel can help Amazon sellers with Panasonic True Wireless Earbuds' price history and price watches

CamelCamelCamel is one of the best software tools for tracking Amazon prices. It's also pretty good as a simple product research tool. The software has a fantastic range of capabilities and it's free price tag makes it all the better. Browse popular Amazon products and top price drops.

The browser extension also gives uses access to price history charts. Once you've installed the extension, you can set it to receive price-drop notifications for specific products in your niche. With CamelCamelCamel, you can use the historical price charts and price drop notifications to purchase low and sell high; great for retail arbitrage.

Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory dashboard and mobile app

Zoho Inventory is an inventory management software that has a free plan option. It provides end-to-end tracking on all your products. The Zoho Inventory dashboard gives you clear metrics on your sales activity, such as how many packages to be packed and how many to be shipped. You can also view top selling products. The free version of this invaluable tool allows two users and one warehouse.

Ahrefs Amazon Keyword Tool

Keyword ideas from Ahrefs for "headphones"

Ahrefs has long since established itself as an expert SEO solution. As well as its paid tools and software, it also has a free Amazon keyword tool that gives you basic keyword information. For example, keyword search volumes for different regions and alternative keyword suggestions. It sifts through 12 months of historical data to show you up to 100 relevant keywords for free.

Make Amazon Bookkeeping Fast with Link My Books

Amazon seller processes can get complicated quickly. While you might start off selling a modest selection of products, as your success grows, so will your product range. You'll have more orders to keep on top of, more inventory to track, and more VAT to pay. Amazon seller tools are the solution to this problem, particularly if you're branching out into another Amazon marketplace.

Amazon FBA sellers will save hours each month using tools like Link My Books. Our software helps you keep on top of your sales tax, revenue, and expenditure. Simply enter your Amazon account and bookkeeping software details into Link My Books to connect the two. All your transaction data will automatically be transferred into your bookkeeping software.

You can sign up for a free trial and even receive a one-on-one onboarding session. We'll answer all your questions and guide you through the simple set-up process.

Link My Books free 14-day trial for Amazon sellers
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