February 16, 2023

Commonly Overlooked Ways to Reduce Your Etsy Fees

Would you like to reduce your Etsy fees and save money? If you answered yes, read this for some easy ways you can save a lot of money.
Commonly Overlooked Ways to Reduce Your Etsy Fees
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Commonly Overlooked Ways to Reduce Your Etsy Fees 

If you’re an Etsy seller, you know how annoying Etsy fees can be. If you aren’t careful, Etsy fees can severely reduce your profits. Luckily, there are some things that you can do to avoid overpaying. Some examples of this include investing in Etsy accounting software to keep track of your financing easily. You can also offer items in bundles to reduce your transfer fees. Keep reading if you want more money-saving tips!

3 Main Fees Associated With Having an Etsy Shop

Unfortunately, when you sell your products online, there will always be strings and fees attached. Here are the three main Etsy fees you should know about:

Etsy’s Listing Fee

Etsy listing fees are one of the most common expenses associated with an Etsy shop. You pay this fee whenever you list an item in your shop, and it covers all aspects of the item’s listing–from creating the product description to setting up payment options. The amount charged varies depending on your chosen pricing plan and how many items you list per month.

Not sure how Etsy listing fees worked? Basically, whenever you put an item for sale on etsy.com or one of the Etsy mobile apps, you’ll receive charges for a listing fee of $0.20. Listing things on your Pattern site won’t cost you extra if you already have them listed in your Etsy store. There is no listing cost for items you exclusively offer on your Pattern website. You only pay a listing fee for an item the first time you list it and when you renew it. If you establish a private listing, however, you will only be charged the listing cost if and when the item sells. 

Etsy’s Transaction Fee

The transaction fee occurs each time an item from your store is purchased, typically ranging from 3-5% of the total cost of the purchase.

Ecommerce transaction

Etsy’s Payment Processing Fee

Etsy’s Payment Processing Fee charges 2-3% + 0.25 cents per sale made through their platform. 

How Can You Reduce the Listing Fee?

The listing fee is one of the major Etsy fees you’ll have to pay. It’s charged per item listed on the platform and can quickly add up if you have multiple listings. However, there are various methods available to help reduce your listing fees.

Batching Your Products 

Batching similar products that need similar descriptions or images is one way to lower the number of listing fees you incur. By doing so, you’ll save not only time but also money in the long run due to having fewer listings to pay for.

Relisting Your Products

Another method of cutting costs is by relisting existing products rather than creating new ones each time they sell out. Not only does this help avoid additional fees from creating fresh listings for individual products, but it also ensures consistent product quality. After all, this helps customers know exactly what they’re getting when they purchase from your store.

Sign Up For an EtsyPlus Account

Signing up for an EtsyPlus account could greatly reduce expenses associated with running an online shop. With this paid membership plan, you get access to advanced features such as bulk editing tools and discounts on shipping supplies and services. Not only that, but you’ll also receive waived transaction fees on all orders over $35. An EtsyPlus subscription could be very useful in saving money on business costs. For that reason, it’s worth considering if you want ways to lessen your Etsy shop expenses.

By following these strategies and taking advantage of available resources such as an EtsyPlus account, you can significantly decrease the amount of money spent on listing fees. This will also result in a healthier bottom line for your business.

How Can You Reduce the Transaction Fee?

Running a successful Etsy shop requires careful budgeting and planning to make sure you’re making the most out of your profits. One way to do this is by reducing the Transaction Fee, which, like all the other Etsy fees, can add up quickly if you’re not mindful. Fortunately, there are several strategies you can use to help minimise the cost of this fee.

Minimise the Number of Transactions Your Business Makes

One method is by minimising the number of transactions made in your shop. Analyse sales data to identify opportunities for increasing efficiency and bundling items together. You can also increase order value (AOV) through discounts or promotional offers, such as free shipping for higher-priced items over a certain limit.

Use Etsy Gift Cards

Etsy gift cards are another great tool for saving on fees. Customers buying these cards won’t incur any transaction fees when used, so consider adding them into your product range during peak times when more people may be gifting each other items from your shop.

Gift Card

How Can You Reduce the Payment Processing Fee?

If Etsy’s usual 6.5% transaction fee is too pricey for your long-term business ventures, you can try to find other options. There are several ways you can reduce your payment processing fees, such as:

Offer Your Customers Free Shipping

You can reduce your Payment Processing Fee by offering free shipping to customers. This not only encourages shoppers to buy from you but also lowers the overall cost of the sale, which in turn reduces your payment processing fee. You can also offer discounts on certain items or bundle products together for even bigger savings per purchase.

Use an Alternative Payment Processor

Using an alternative payment processor such as PayPal or Venmo instead of Etsy’s own service could be beneficial too. Although this may require more work upfront—setting up accounts and manually processing payments—it could be worth it if you’re able to significantly decrease your fees by doing so.

Use Promotional Offers

Don’t forget about promotional offers from third-party services like Shopify Payments or Square Payments that provide discounted rates when used with Etsy shops. Taking advantage of these deals can result in some serious savings over time.

In summary, the strategies that can help you to reduce the Payment Processing Fees associated with running an Etsy shop without compromising on sales or profits are:

  • Offering free shipping or discounts when possible
  • Using alternate payment processors where possible
  • Taking advantage of promotional offers from third-parties services

Careful planning and thoughtful implementation will ensure these fees don’t eat into your bottom line too much.

Special prices sign

Other Etsy Fees

Here are some other Etsy fees that are important for you to know:

Private Listings

Etsy allows you to list products directly to specific buyers at the cost of $0.20.

Auto-Renewal Fees

If the products you have listed on your Etsy store remain there for more than four months, they’ll get automatically relisted, and you’ll pay $.20 in Etsy fees.

More Creative Ways to Reduce Costs

Running an Etsy shop can be expensive, but there are some creative ways to reduce costs. These include:

Keep an Eye Out for Affordable Courier Options

One of the best ways to reduce your costs is to switch to lower-cost shipping options. Many online retailers offer discounted rates for bulk orders or through special promotions. You can also team up with a partner to share the cost of shipping and packaging materials.

Additionally, you can reduce the number of countries that you ship to. You can accomplish this without losing many customers by removing the countries you rarely receive orders from.

Use Affordable Packaging

Using lower-cost materials such as recycled paper or cardboard can help you save money while still providing quality products. It can also help your brand’s reputation because most customers want eco-friendly products.

Use an Etsy Bookkeeping Tool 

Another way you can reduce your Etsy fees and save money is by using an Etsy bookkeeping tool for your Etsy accounting needs. When you use an Etsy bookkeeping tool, you can carefully monitor your finances and easily see where you’re overpaying. It can also help you develop strategies for reducing your Etsy fees.

If you’re looking for an efficient Etsy bookkeeping tool, there’s no better tool than Link My Books. It seamlessly integrates with several platforms like Etsy, Shopify, Amazon etc., and automates your entire accounting process too. Learn more about how we can help you today!

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