December 21, 2023

5 Best Etsy Accounting Softwares in 2024

If you are a regular Etsy seller, you probably already know how hard it can be to compile accurate financial data and keep your books straight.
5 Best Etsy Accounting Softwares in 2024
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The importance of keeping track of Etsy fees and sales is paramount, as any oversight could lead to overpaying sales tax or VAT. 

While Etsy provides basic financial reports, sellers often find themselves manually entering sales, returns, and fees into their accounting solutions. 

Fortunately, integrations can transform your existing accounting software into a specialized Etsy accounting software, empowering ecommerce sellers to manage their Etsy accounting needs efficiently.

Key Takeaways from this Post

QuickBooks and Xero: Renowned as two of the best accounting software options for Etsy sellers, they offer a plethora of features tailored to meet the unique financial needs of online entrepreneurs.
Spreadsheets are Outdated: In an era of innovative, low-cost, and free accounting options, maintaining books using spreadsheets is no longer a viable approach.
Link My Books for Painless Bookkeeping: Integrating with your accounting software, Link My Books consolidates all Etsy sales and costs, ensuring quick, accurate, and simple reconciliation of monthly sales.
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Best Etsy Accounting Software

  • Xero
  • QuickBooks
  • FreshBooks
  • NetSuite
  • Wave

Navigating through the myriad of accounting software options, we’ve identified several that stand out for their features, integrations, and benefits specifically for Etsy sellers. 

Let’s delve deeper into each one, exploring how they can address the unique challenges faced by Etsy entrepreneurs.

Xero: A Financial Companion for Etsy Sellers

Xero Logo

Xero stands out as a robust Etsy accounting software, designed to simplify the financial complexities that Etsy sellers often face. It’s more than just a tool; it’s a reliable companion in your entrepreneurial journey, offering tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of your Etsy business.


  • Automated Data Entry: Xero eliminates the tedious task of manual data entry, ensuring every financial transaction is recorded accurately. This feature is particularly beneficial for Etsy sellers who deal with a high volume of sales and need to allocate more time to creating products.
  • Comprehensive Financial Reports: Xero offers detailed financial reports, providing insights into your business’s financial health. For instance, an Etsy seller can easily track profit margins on individual products and adjust pricing strategies accordingly.
  • Etsy Integration with Link My Books: Xero integrates seamlessly with Link My Books, streamlining the Etsy accounting process and making it easier to manage sales, returns, and Etsy fees


  • Time Efficiency: Automated features in Xero save valuable time for Etsy sellers, allowing them to focus more on crafting unique products and exploring new market opportunities.
  • Financial Insight: The detailed reports provided by Xero empower Etsy sellers to make informed business decisions, optimize pricing, and enhance overall ecommerce accounting strategies.
  • Seamless Integration: The integration with Link My Books simplifies the accounting process, providing a cohesive and efficient solution for managing Etsy transactions.

QuickBooks Online: Secure and Adaptable

QuickBooks Logo

QuickBooks Online offers a secure and comprehensive accounting solution, catering to the diverse needs of Etsy sellers. Whether you sell artisan crafts exclusively on Etsy or explore other marketplaces, QuickBooks Online provides the adaptability and features needed to manage your finances effectively.

Features & Benefits:

  • Advanced Bank Reconciliation Tools: QuickBooks offers advanced reconciliation tools, enabling Etsy sellers to accurately match transactions and keep their books in order.
  • Multi-Marketplace Adaptability: The software adapts to various marketplaces, providing a centralized solution for Etsy sellers who diversify their sales platforms.

Other Etsy Accounting Software

In addition to Xero and QuickBooks Online, several other accounting software options cater to the needs of Etsy sellers. While they may not offer the same level of integration with Link My Books, they still provide valuable features and benefits.


FreshBooks Logo

FreshBooks offers a user-friendly interface and a variety of features designed to simplify accounting for small businesses, making it a viable option for Etsy sellers.


  • Expense Tracking: FreshBooks allows Etsy sellers to easily track expenses, providing a clear overview of business costs.
  • Invoice Customization: Sellers can customize invoices, adding a personal touch to their transactions.


  • Time-Saving: The intuitive design and automated features save time for Etsy sellers, allowing them to focus on their creative endeavors.
  • Financial Overview: The software provides a comprehensive financial overview, aiding in informed decision-making.


NetSuite Logo

NetSuite is a scalable solution, suitable for Etsy sellers looking to grow their business. It offers a range of features to manage finances effectively.


  • Real-Time Financial Data: NetSuite provides real-time access to financial data, enabling Etsy sellers to monitor their business performance closely.
  • Scalability: The software scales with the business, accommodating growth and increased transaction volume.


  • Business Growth: NetSuite supports business expansion, providing the necessary tools and features for growing Etsy shops.
  • Financial Monitoring: Real-time data access allows for close monitoring of financial performance, aiding in strategic planning.


Wave Logo

Wave offers free accounting software with features that can benefit small Etsy shops. It provides basic accounting tools and is user-friendly.


  • Free to Use: Wave is a cost-effective solution for Etsy sellers, offering basic accounting features at no cost.
  • Receipt Scanning: The software includes receipt scanning, simplifying expense tracking for sellers.


  • Cost-Effective: Wave is an affordable option for small Etsy sellers, providing essential accounting tools without the price tag.
  • Simplified Expense Tracking: The receipt scanning feature aids in keeping track of expenses, providing a clearer financial picture.

Etsy Accounting Software Compared

| Feature/Software | Xero | QuickBooks Online | FreshBooks | NetSuite | Wave | |---|---|---|---|---|---| | Automated Data Entry | 4.9 | 4.8 | 4.2 | 4.1 | 3.8 | | Comprehensive Financial Reports | 4.9 | 4.8 | 4.2 | 4.7 | 3.7 | | Etsy Integration | 4.9 (via Link My Books) | 4.9 (via Link My Books) | 2.5 | 2.3 | 2.4 | | Advanced Reconciliation Tools | 4.7 | 4.9 | 3.7 | 3.8 | 3.5 | | Multi-Marketplace Adaptability | 4.5 | 4.9 | 3.5 | 4.8 | 3.3 | | Expense Tracking | 4.9 | 4.8 | 4.7 | 4.6 | 4.0 | | Scalability | 4.9 | 4.8 | 3.7 | 4.9 | 3.5 | | Real-Time Financial Data | 4.7 | 4.6 | 3.9 | 4.9 | 3.6 |

How to Choose the Best Etsy Accounting Software for You

Selecting the right accounting software is crucial for managing your Etsy shop’s finances effectively. Here are some criteria to consider:

  • Integration Capabilities: Consider how well the software integrates with Etsy and other platforms you use. Seamless integration simplifies transaction management and improves efficiency.
  • Feature Set: Evaluate the features offered by the software. Look at Etsy tools for sellers that address your specific needs, such as expense tracking, financial reporting, and automated data entry.
  • Scalability: Choose software that can grow with your business. As your Etsy shop expands, you’ll need a solution that can handle increased transaction volume and additional features.
  • User-Friendliness: Opt for software with an intuitive interface and user-friendly design. This will save you time and reduce the learning curve associated with new software.
  • Pricing: Assess the pricing structure of the software. Determine whether it offers value for money and fits within your budget. Consider both upfront costs and any recurring subscription fees.

Why Choose Xero or QuickBooks for Etsy Accounting?

Xero and QuickBooks Online stand out for their comprehensive feature sets, integration capabilities, and adaptability to various marketplaces. Here’s why they are top choices for Etsy sellers:

  • Comprehensive Financial Management: Both Xero and QuickBooks offer a range of features for comprehensive financial management, including advanced reporting tools, automated data entry, and bank reconciliation.
  • Integration with Link My Books: The seamless integration with Link My Books enhances the functionality of both Xero and QuickBooks, providing a streamlined solution for managing Etsy transactions.
  • Adaptability to Multiple Marketplaces: For Etsy sellers who diversify their sales platforms, both Xero and QuickBooks offer adaptability, providing a centralized solution for managing transactions across different marketplaces.

Can You Use a Spreadsheet for Etsy Accounting?

While spreadsheets are a common tool for managing finances, they have limitations when it comes to Etsy accounting. Manual data entry is time-consuming, and the risk of errors is high. Additionally, spreadsheets lack advanced features available in specialized accounting software, making them a less efficient option for managing Etsy transactions.

Problems with Using Spreadsheets for Etsy Accounting

  • Lack of Automation: Spreadsheets require manual data entry, which is time-consuming and prone to errors. This lack of automation can lead to inaccuracies in financial records.
  • Limited Features: Unlike specialized accounting software, spreadsheets offer limited features for financial management. Etsy sellers may find them inadequate for managing complex transactions and generating detailed financial reports.
  • Scalability Issues: As your Etsy business grows, managing finances using spreadsheets becomes increasingly challenging. They lack the scalability and advanced features needed to support business expansion.

Why Etsy Sellers Need Premium Accounting Software

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of Etsy selling, managing finances can quickly become a daunting task. This is where premium accounting software emerges as a beacon of efficiency and accuracy, specifically addressing the unique financial challenges faced by Etsy sellers. Here’s a closer look at why investing in a premium Etsy accounting software is a game-changer for Etsy entrepreneurs.

Navigating the Tax Landscape: A Global Perspective


For Etsy sellers operating in the UK, managing VAT (Value Added Tax) is pivotal. Premium accounting software automates the process of VAT calculations, ensuring compliance with the local tax authorities. This alleviates the burden of manual tax computations, allowing sellers to focus on growing their business, rather than focusing on the trial and tribulations of managing Etsy VAT.


In the US, the landscape of tax regulations varies significantly across different states. Premium accounting software adapts to these variations, automating the process of tax calculations and filings. This is crucial in mitigating the risk of inaccuracies and non-compliance, ensuring that sellers can operate with peace of mind.


Australian Etsy sellers encounter a different set of tax requirements, primarily dealing with GST (Goods and Services Tax). A robust accounting software solution streamlines the process of GST calculations and submissions, ensuring adherence to the guidelines set by the Australian Taxation Office.

Deciphering Etsy Fees: The Role of Etsy Fee Calculators

Etsy sellers are subject to various fees, including listing fees, transaction fees, and payment processing fees. Premium accounting software provides clarity on these Etsy fees, offering detailed breakdowns and insights. This is essential for maintaining a clear financial picture and optimizing business operations.

Furthermore, Etsy fee calculators integrated into the software allow sellers to accurately anticipate fees, optimize pricing strategies, and enhance overall profitability. This feature is invaluable for sellers looking to maintain competitive pricing while ensuring financial sustainability.

Automation: The Cornerstone of Accuracy and Time Efficiency

Automation is a cornerstone feature of premium accounting software. It guarantees accuracy in financial transactions and liberates Etsy sellers from the time-consuming task of manual data entry. This means more time to focus on creativity, customer engagement, and business growth.

Scaling with Grace: Tracking Digital Sales and Physical PoS Systems

Premium accounting software is not just a tool; it’s a versatile partner designed to grow with your business. Whether you are selling digital art or managing physical Point of Sale (PoS) systems, versatile accounting software provides a cohesive financial overview.

It adeptly manages increased transaction volumes and supports business expansion, ensuring that Etsy sellers can scale their operations with grace and efficiency.

A Sparkle of Innovation: Embracing New Possibilities

Finally, premium accounting software offers a platform for Etsy sellers to explore new possibilities. It allows for the integration of emerging technologies and adapts to changing market dynamics. By embracing innovative features and staying ahead of the curve, Etsy sellers can enhance their financial management strategies and navigate the path to sustained success.

How to Make Etsy Accounting Easy with Link My Books

Link My Books is a specialized solution designed to simplify Etsy accounting. It integrates with your accounting software, consolidating Etsy sales and costs, and making reconciliation quick and accurate.

Features & Benefits:

  • Painless Bookkeeping: Link My Books automates the Etsy bookkeeping process, reducing manual effort and ensuring accuracy, which is essential for Etsy sellers managing multiple transactions daily.
  • Accurate Reconciliation: The software ensures that monthly sales are reconciled accurately, providing Etsy sellers with reliable financial data to make informed business decisions.

Elevate Your Etsy Business with the Right Accounting Software

In conclusion, navigating the financial intricacies of Etsy selling doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right accounting software, Etsy sellers can streamline their financial management, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and efficiency. Whether it’s navigating the diverse tax landscapes, deciphering Etsy fees, or embracing automation for time efficiency, premium accounting software is a valuable asset for every Etsy entrepreneur. By making an informed choice and leveraging the features and integrations available, sellers can focus more on their creative endeavors and business growth, while confidently steering their financial course towards sustained success.

Getting Started with Link My Books

Getting started with Link My Books is designed to be a seamless experience for Etsy sellers. Upon signing up, users are greeted with a user-friendly interface and step-by-step guidance. The platform offers comprehensive support resources, including tutorials, FAQs, and customer support, to assist sellers in integrating their Etsy accounts and setting up their financial preferences.

Link My Books allows for customization to meet individual business needs, enabling sellers to categorize transactions, set up tax rates, and define income and expense accounts. The software’s automation capabilities significantly reduce the manual effort involved in bookkeeping, allowing for accurate reconciliation of sales and a clearer financial overview.

Moreover, Link My Books is committed to staying updated with the latest Etsy policies and tax regulations, ensuring that users are always in compliance and informed about any changes that may affect their business. With its emphasis on simplicity, accuracy, and support, Link My Books is a reliable companion for Etsy sellers seeking to simplify their accounting journey.

Take the Leap Towards Simplified Etsy Accounting!

Ready to transform your Etsy accounting experience? Don’t let financial complexities hold you back! Take the leap with Link My Books and discover the ease of managing your Etsy finances with specialized accounting software. Start your free trial today, explore the features, and witness first hand how Link My Books can elevate your financial management and empower you to focus on what you love – creating and selling on Etsy. Embrace the future of Etsy accounting – your journey towards financial clarity and business success starts here!

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