March 23, 2023
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How to resend an invoice on eBay

Customer didn’t pay? Need to resend them an eBay invoice? We'll explain the next steps you need to take to resend your invoice.
How to resend an invoice on eBay
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So, you got an item sold on your eBay store! That’s exciting – but your work is not done yet. Until the buyer has paid for the item, you won’t earn from that sale. As an eBay seller, you need to know the steps to resend an invoice on eBay to customers who haven’t paid so that you can complete the order and ship the items to your customer.

With many cases of unpaid orders on the eBay website, knowing how to send invoice is a critical part of your journey in selling on eBay. Some days they are simple and uncomplicated, but expect times when you’d be dealing with buyers who fail to complete their transactions.

This guide will show you how to send an invoice to your customers once they finalize their order, so you can remind them to pay for those orders. Once you know how invoices work, it should be easy to communicate with a customer, in case they forgot that they have a pending payment to complete.

Maintaining accurate records of these invoices is essential for your eBay sales report for taxes. This report is crucial for keeping track of your earnings and expenses on eBay, ensuring you're prepared for tax season.

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How to resend an invoice on eBay

When and How to Send Invoice to Buyers

If a buyer does not automatically pay their invoice through checkout, you will need to send them an invoice so they can complete the transaction.

Here are some of the situations when it would be necessary to send invoice to a buyer:

  • The buyer is buying multiple products from your store and you want to combine the invoice into a single transaction;
  • You need to edit the details of your invoice, such as the payment method or shipping charges;
  • If the buyer won the item from an auction and the item is awaiting payment.

Sellers are unable to send invoice if the listing has ended for over 30 days.

How to Resend an Invoice

If any of the three situations specified above applies to you, you can resend an invoice to the buyer to complete their purchase.

Here is a step-by-step guide to resend an invoice.

Step 1: Look for that specific item or purchase.

Step 2: Go to Seller Hub and look for Orders in the dropdown menu.

Step 3: Go to My eBay and choose Sold in the dropdown menu.

Step 4: Click Actions and select Send Invoice.

Additional Tip: Apply any necessary changes to your invoice, such as the payment method or the shipping charges for the purchased items. Once you are happy with the changes made, you can select Send Invoice and it will automatically resend it to the buyer.

Combining Multiple Invoices

Can you combine invoices on eBay

It's also possible to combine several purchased items into one invoice, which makes it easier for the buyer to settle payment for their purchase. It is time-saving and also easier to pay in one go.

The best reason to combine multiple invoices into one is the ability to save on shipping costs.

Before you can combine the invoice, you have to enable this setting from your account first.

Head to the Manage Postage Settings page and choose Edit. Go to Combined Payments and then click the box next to "Allow buyers to send one combined payment for all items purchased." Click on the Save button to enable this feature in your account.

Once enabled, you can now send an invoice for one buyer for multiple items purchased. Go to the invoice page in your account. Select all the items you want to be included in the invoice and then hit Send Invoice. You can edit the postage charges for those orders and add a note if you want. You can preview the invoice or you can select Send Invoice to complete the process.

eBay Invoice Fee

Once the buyer has paid for the item, you must be aware that eBay charges an invoice fee. If you’ve been selling on eBay for some time, then you know that there are fees and charges that come with setting up your business on the eBay website.

One of them is the invoice fee. Listing your items on eBay would be free for the first 250 items. However, you will be charged $0.35 per listing for any item that exceeds that number. eBay will keep a percentage of any successful sale that is made from your seller account, and for any issued invoice.

For example, eBay charges 12.55% for every successful order and an additional fee of $0.30. Of course, the fee will vary depending on the category of the sold items. In addition, you have to pay for a shipping fee of $10 for all shipping costs.

The Bottom Line

Dealing with buyers who fail or take so long to pay is a headache that all sellers have to deal with. However, this is one of the harsh truths about running a business, especially an e-commerce business. There is no issue you can’t resolve through proper communication, and knowing how to send an invoice to remind the buyers of their pending payment is a great way to do this.

FAQs on Invoices on eBay

Can you send an updated invoice on eBay?

Yes, you have the option to revise an invoice on eBay.

To do this, go to Seller Hub and choose Orders. From the My eBay dashboard, go to Sold section and choose Actions, and then select Send Invoice.

How do I retrieve an invoice on eBay?

You have to log into your account with your user name and password to retrieve your invoices on eBay.

Go to the Seller’s Hub and My eBay. Once you are in the Seller Hub, you will find details of all sold items from your account.

Go to All Orders and this will bring up a list of all sold items and pending orders. You can retrieve the invoice for specific orders by clicking on each order. You can view, save, or print your invoice from there.

Can you send an invoice on the eBay app?

No, you are unable to send an invoice via the eBay app. You have to log into your account from a computer to be able to send or resend an invoice and complete a particular transaction.

Can you combine invoices on eBay?

If combined payments are allowed in your eBay account, it’s possible to combine invoices for a customer. It will also help you save on shipping charges for these combined orders.

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