January 3, 2024
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6 Best QuickBooks Integrations in 2024 (Apps Compared)

We take a look at the six best QuickBooks integrations in 2024 so you can choose which ones are right for your business.
6 Best QuickBooks Integrations in 2024 (Apps Compared)
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If you're using QuickBooks for your bookkeeping, you might be wondering which add-ons might be worth investing in. In this article, we look at six of the best QuickBooks integrations Read on to discover how QuickBooks integrations can boost your business.

Key Takeaways from this Post

Link My Books puts your eCommerce accounting on autopilot. It automatically transfers your financial data to QuickBooks, and accurately calculates your taxes.
With QuickBooks integrations, you can synch data with third-party applications to create a unified system.
QuickBooks integrations like Zapier allow you to integrate thousands of apps with your QuickBooks software.
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While QuickBooks is a feature-packed accounting software in itself, integrating additional applications into the software can significantly boost a variety of business operations.

Today, we're going through six of the best QuickBooks integrations. Take a look through and see how these add-ons can amplify your business and simplify your processes.

What Can Integrate With QuickBooks?

Quickbooks homepage

QuickBooks can integrate with a large variety of apps. Many of these apps take over manual tasks and make them automatic. For example, transferring sales data from your Amazon account to QuickBooks, or tracking business expenses, inventory, and projects. They can also enable you to perform additional tasks.

In short, when you connect QuickBooks online with another software solution, you can transfer the data, whether automatically or manually, to your QuickBooks account, and vice versa. It creates a two way sync.

How Many Integrations Does QuickBooks Have?

The QuickBooks app store has 750 integrations available. However, using an app like Zapier (which we'll go through in this article), you can integrate the bookkeeping software with around 6,000 third-party applications.

Best QuickBooks Integrations

1. Link My Books

Link My Books homepage

Since QuickBooks is a bookkeeping software, Link My Books is a natural number one choice for online sellers. Whether you're looking for a QuickBooks eBay integration, or something that connects QuickBooks with Amazon, Link My Books is the solution.

Our software connects your QuickBooks Online account to your selling platform, and automatically transfers your sales data to QuickBooks. This eliminates the need for manual data entry. Link My Books can save you hours of time every month through this automation and helps you keep on top of your business's financial health.


  • Summary invoices
  • Tax calculations
  • Integrations
  • One-on-one onboarding

Summary Invoices

Amazon payout and invoice total

Link My Books will automatically create summary invoices of your eCommerce transactions and send them across to your QuickBooks account. The COGS (cost of goods sold) tool automatically accounts for the cost of goods sold, in real time. Summary invoices include a breakdown of your sales, fees, refunds, and VAT, to clearly show your profits and/or losses.

Tax Calculations

Graph depicting manual bookkeeping vs Link My Books

Link My Books has a Guided Tax Wizard that ensures you set the correct tax rates for your store, whether you sell on a national or international level. Taxes are automatically calculated according to tax regulations and this information is sent over to your QuickBooks Online account too.

When it comes to your taxes, accuracy is key. Link My Books provides accurate tax calculations on every item you sell so you can be confident you're paying the right amount of tax every time.


Blue circle with Link My Books logo and integrations surrounding it

Link My Books integrates with QuickBooks and Xero bookkeeping software. But what about e commerce platforms? Perhaps you need an Etsy QuickBooks integration or even a Walmart integration?

Here are the platforms Link My Books is compatible with:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • Shopify
  • Walmart
  • TikTok Shop

Link My Books' integrations make for a seamless (and quick) transfer of data, whichever of these sales platforms you use. Additionally, you can connect Link My Books to multiple platforms simultaneously, like Amazon, a Shopify store, and Walmart, to consolidate all your sales data and transfer it to your QuickBooks (or Xero) account.

For example, it works as a Walmart QuickBooks integration, as well as a QuickBooks TikTok Shop integration. Therefore, it pulls data from both of these and transfers it all to your QuickBooks account.

One-On-One Onboarding

We know it can be daunting using a new software for the first time. Especially when you're working with such a crucial aspect of your business; your finances! But fear not because Link My Books is not only incredibly easy to use and set up, but we also give our customers a one-on-one onboarding session.

Better still, this is completely free and included in all plans. So, whether you operate a large enterprise or you're a small business owner looking for a QuickBooks Amazon integration, you can be sure that you have the correct setup and configurations.

2. Zapier

Zapier Quickbooks integration web page

Next up we have Zapier. Zapier is a software that enables you to connect different applications together to build automated workflows. You set your Trigger, Action, and the data you want to be sent from one to the other.

For example, by integrating QuickBooks with Salesforce, you can easily set it up so that new QuickBooks contacts are automatically recorded in Salesforce too.


  • Thousands of integrations: There are thousands of apps available through Zapier and you can connect multiple apps together. This enables you to create a unified system with up-to-date information across all your software. Whether you work with Google Sheets, HubSpot, Slack, or Stripe, the processing of data is super easy with Zapier.
  • Automation: The huge number of integrations for Zapier means that automation can be achieved on a large scale, including for QuickBooks accounting tasks. Automatically generate receipts when someone makes a WooCommerce purchase, for example, or automatically add new QuickBooks Online contacts to Mailchimp.
  • Build workflows: Zapier calls its workflows Zaps. These are automated workflows that automatically carry out an action when it's triggered by an event on one or more of the integrations. You can create your own custom Zap; meaning you pick the triggers and resulting actions. Or, you can select a Zap template with suggested Actions and Triggers.

3. Expensify

Expensify and Quickbooks integration web page

Expensify is an expense management software. It enables you to track, record, and manage your business's expenses, both online and offline. It integrates with QuickBooks Online for easy data transfers and consolidation. When you connect these two financial solutions, data remains synchronised with little need for human involvement.


  • Receipt scanning: Every one of your employees can use Expensify's receipt scanning tool to upload receipts to the platform. These are then recorded in both Expensify and QuickBooks Online. With the receipt scanning app, you can filter information according to merchant, date, and approval status, and also view detailed receipt data analytics.
  • Corporate card reconciliation: Expensify allows for easy corporate card reconciliation. It syncs card transactions with receipts to give you a complete view of your company expenditures. This can drastically simplify your expense management procedures.
  • Real-time expense reports: Expensify enables employees to generate real-time expense reports. Your admin team can set up rules for employee spending and then set up approval workflows based on these rules. Once reports are approved, it takes just seconds to reimburse your employees.

4. SOS Inventory

SOS inventory homepage with man and woman looking at a tablet

SOS Inventory is designed to integrate smoothly with QuickBooks Online. It allows you to manage your (you guessed it!) inventory, and adds more features and functionality to your inventory management process than using QuickBooks alone. It also integrates with a number of eCommerce shopping carts, payment processors, and shipping vendors.


  • Track items: SOS Inventory allows you to track items and dive deep into your item history. Track serial numbers, as well as the profit/loss history of individual items. This gives you a complete view of your products, and how they help or hinder your business.
  • Order management: Use SOS Inventory to create packing slips, shipments, and invoices from sales orders. Financial data is automatically synced with QuickBooks Online too, so there's no need to manually add it to the software.
  • Complete solution: SOS Inventory provides a complete management service, from manufacturing right through to shipping products to customers. Track your inventory across multiple locations, and move items from one location to another.

5. Insightly

Insightly homepage with a woman looking at a laptop

Insightly is one of the best apps for managing customer relationships. It's a customer relationship management software that aims to help you grow your business. The scalable solution has a wealth of features and capabilities.

Create sales pipelines to identify, and hone in on, qualified leads, and distribute tasks to team members. Insightly CRM delivers seamless integration with QuickBooks Online so that data is aligned.


  • Track leads and opportunities: Gain unique insights into your leads with Insightly's lead-tracking tools. View how far along each lead is in the sales process, and leverage pipelines to move them forward.
  • Project management: Insightly has a project management tool that keeps your project documents in one place. Manage projects through a centralised dashboard that displays data in real-time. Through this dashboard, you can keep on top of milestones and project pipelines to ensure they run smoothly.
  • Reports: What CRM wouldn't be complete without reporting features? Create your unique KPIs and metrics, and view data clearly on your performance dashboard. You can generate visually-appealing charts and other visuals so that your data is easy to read and interpret. With Insightly, you can make data-based decisions based on real-time information.

6. QuickBooks Time

Quickooks Time tracking software information

Next up, we have QuickBooks' very own QuickBooks Time. This is a cloud-based time-tracking software with which employees can clock in and out through their devices. This is an invaluable addition to QuickBooks Online as it helps businesses manage schedules and pay their employees accurately. Furthermore, time is automatically accounted for in QuickBooks Online itself.


  • Multiple devices: QuickBooks Time can be accessed on a mobile device, tablet, or desktop. This makes it especially useful for employees working outside of the office. They can clock in and out with a click of a button; you can see the exact times employees are taking breaks and returning to work.
  • GPS: The QuickBooks Time app has a GPS that allows businesses to track the whereabouts of their employees while they're working. The Elite plan, costing £8/month, also enables mileage-tracking.
  • Reports and schedules: With QuickBooks Time, you can access real-time reports to understand how long jobs will take to complete. From these reports, you can create schedules, and plan costs and your payroll.

4 More QuickBooks Online Integrations

Microsoft Excel logo with green background

  1. Microsoft Excel: This doesn't need much of an introduction. I'm sure most of you are familiar with this spreadsheet and data entry software. By integrating QuickBooks Online with Excel, you can create a two way sync between your spreadsheets and accounting software.
  2. Slack: When you integrate Slack with QuickBooks Online, your team can get transaction notifications directly in Slack. They can also view transactions, customers, and vendors without needing to leave the platform.

White Slack logo with black background

  1. Gusto: This is a type of business management software. Through it, you can manage payroll, onboarding, and time tracking and attendance, to name just a few capabilities. Gain access to a good range of insights and reports. Plus, create employee surveys to gauge happiness and identify areas of concern amongst employees.
  2. Birdeye: Birdeye is a customer experience platform that integrates with QuickBooks. It's got a range of products such as messaging, social media post management, and a payment gateway where your customers can access a variety of payment options. One of its most popular products is its review management solution where users can automate review requests and manage their online reputation.

How to Choose the Best QuickBooks Online Integration for you

A women thinking with question marks around her

With the vast array of QuickBooks Online integrations, it can be difficult to decide which ones will benefit your business. To be worth the investment, it will ideally save time and money. It might also make your job easier by streamlining your business operations and synching all the right data.

Here's a quick overview of what to keep in mind when you're considering which QuickBooks Online integrations to choose:


It goes without saying that cost is probably the most important factor to consider here, especially for small business owners. If you're going to invest in new QuickBooks technologies for your business, it has to make financial sense to do so.

Lots of dollar bills floating with black background

Calculate how much time different software will save you each month. Link My Books, for example, will save you six hours each month. Once you've done this, you can calculate how much money this amount of time costs you, and compare that to the cost of the software.

Depending on the integration, you might also consider if it will increase your revenue. For example, Insightly helps you turn leads into conversions. Therefore, it can help you generate more sales and profits.

It's worth noting here that some QuickBooks apps have a free version available too, making them ideal if you run a small business.

The Nature of Your Business

This will determine the features that'll be useful for you. If you operate solely online, a CRM QuickBooks integration might be useful. For eCommerce stores, a QuickBooks Shopify integration like Link My Books might be the perfect choice.

Alternatively, time-tracking software might come in handy for remote teams and service businesses. You can connect all sorts of third party apps to e commerce stores for added functionality. On the other hand, brick and mortar stores and service businesses are more limited.

Business Size

Do you run a small business or a large enterprise? Large businesses have much more data to handle and therefore require more complex processes. The size of your business will also determine how many people will need access to your QuickBooks apps and integrations. To this end, you might consider how easy it will be to teach the people who'll need access to the software how to use it.

The App's Reputation

5 yellow stars with a finger pressing the fifth star

Some QuickBooks apps might look great on the surface but if you dig a little deeper, you'll find they have poor reviews and ratings. Always check out an app's reputation before committing. Even some so-called popular apps can have overwhelmingly bad reviews. This can be because they’re buggy and don't work the way they’re intended, or they lack customer support. 

Websites like GetApp, Capterra, and G2 are all great for looking into a company's reputation. You can pinpoint common issues people have with the company, and which factors they like the most.

Customer Support

Have you ever been in a position where you're trying to find a way to contact a company but you simply cannot find one? The fact that some companies make contacting them so difficult is both frustrating and concerning.

Before deciding on which apps to go for, check what methods they have for customers to contact them. You should also check out what they have in the way of learning resources. For example, webinars, blog posts, and help forums.

Getting Started With Link My Books

QuicQuickBookskbooks Online is one of the best accounting software available in this space. Small businesses and large ones can use the software to keep accurate records of their finances. Using QuickBooks Online integrations, businesses can take this even further by adding automation and functionality to their processes. Choose one or more of today's recommended applications to save your business time and money.

Ready to take your bookkeeping to the next level? Automate your e commerce accounting with the Link My Books QuickBooks Online integration. Sign up for a free trial today.  

Link My Books free 14-day trial
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