May 5, 2024
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A2X Walmart Integration: is it Worth it? Read Before Buying

Are you considering an A2X Walmart integration to automate your bookkeeping? This guide looks at the pros and cons to decipher whether it's worth it.
A2X Walmart Integration: is it Worth it? Read Before Buying
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A2X is an automated eCommerce accounting solution that can connect your Walmart Seller Center to accounting software like QuickBooks Online or Xero. Once the integration is set up, your Walmart sales data is automatically transferred to your accounting software so you don't need to do it manually. A2X for Walmart seems to make sense. After all, you'll save lots of time on bookkeeping every month.

But with A2X's recent price increase, some of you will be wondering, is it worth it? Link My Books offers a very similar automated solution with a few core differences. One being a lower cost. The other? Read on to find out.

Key Takeaways from this Post

Failing to automate your Walmart bookkeeping will cause you to spend an unnecessary amount of time every month on your bookkeeping tasks. Your books will also be prone to more errors as your sales volume increases and you're manually recording more financial data.
A2X is one of your options for automating your Walmart bookkeeping. It automatically transfers your transaction data over to your accounting software in tidy summaries. Although it does a good job with this, A2X is quite expensive, especially since its recent price increases.
Link My Books has remained excellent value for money since its inception. Not only that, but as a Link My Books customer, you'll have the advantage of powerful in-built analytical tools that'll help you analyse and improve business performance. We're committed to helping your grow!
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This guide looks at the pros and cons of using A2X for Walmart accounting, along with the similarities and differences to Link My Books.

Why do You Need an Automated Walmart Accounting Solution?

A playdough-type man leaning on a giant yellow question mark.

We've worked with thousands of Walmart sellers over the years and these are the most common problems we've heard about with not using an automated accounting solution:

Time Restraints

Manual bookkeeping takes hours. If you're manually inputting your Walmart sales data into QuickBooks Online or Xero, you're wasting time. Walmart sellers who've come to us talk about how manually transferring data isn't too bad at first. But, they've quickly become overwhelmed as their sales have grown. In short, time won't allow them to keep on top of their accounting system and all the transaction details that come with a higher order volume.

Errors Within Their Accounting System

Someone writing the incorrect sum 2 + 2 = 5

Manual bookkeeping leaves Walmart sellers vulnerable to errors within their accounting system and chart of accounts. Mistakes are commonly made when you're working with lots of data, particularly if you have stores across multiple sales channels. When mistakes creep in, it can be difficult to not only identify that they exist, but to also pinpoint the location of the mistake, and all the details surrounding it.

Complicated Reconciliation

Reconciliation between your bank account, Walmart seller center, and your books, can be complicated when you're doing it manually. Reconciliation is the process of matching payout transactions with the actual amount deposited into your bank account. Once you've reconciled, you can ensure your bookkeeping entries are correct too.

Tax Calculations

A calculator and pen on top of accounting documents and an income tax book in the background

I'm sure there are very few Walmart sellers out there who actually enjoy working out their taxes. It's a necessary chore that in many ways can be more complex for eCommerce sellers. Walmart marketplace, for instance, is US-based but operates across different countries around the World.

As such, Walmart sellers need to be vigilant when it comes to different tax rates, rules, and regulations of the different countries they sell in.

Software like Link My Books automatically calculates your taxes for you on every item you sell, regardless of where in the world you sell.  

Can You Use Spreadsheets for Walmart Accounting?

The Microsoft Excel logo on a white 3D button and a green background

Of course you can use spreadsheets instead of an accounting software like QuickBooks or Xero if you choose to. However, you'll encounter many of the issues we've described above, but on a larger scale.

As more data comes in, you'll need increasingly more sheets (and spare hours to sift through and record that data). It can be hard to keep organised and refer back to details when you need to. Not to mention the complexities that come with trying to analyse, interpret, and produce reports from spreadsheet data.

The only benefit of using spreadsheets for your Walmart accounting and bookkeeping tasks is that it's very often free. However, QuickBooks Online and Xero both have some reasonably low-priced plans available.

And if your Walmart business is really strapped for cash, you're far better off using a basic free bookkeeping software, like Zoho accounting for example, rather than spreadsheets.

A2X and Link My Books at a Glance

A laptop, desktop, tablet, phone, globe, and wifi router all connected

A2X and Link My Books simplify your Walmart bookkeeping. They connect with your Walmart account, and automatically transfer financial data like Walmart sales, refunds, fees, and taxes, to your eCommerce accounting software, like QuickBooks and Xero. They essentially simplify your accounting system by allowing you to put your bookkeeping on autopilot.

With both solutions, you can connect multiple eCommerce platforms to your one dashboard. This makes for a streamlined and unified accounting system that takes very little intervention on your part.

Link My Books vs A2X for Walmart

Comparing Features

What are the top features of Link My Books and A2X for Walmart stores? Let's find out:

Top A2X Features

A diagram showing the connection between sales channels, A2X, NetSuite, and bank deposits

  • Walmart settlement data: A2X posts Walmart settlement data to your accounting software in the form of summaries. These include Walmart transaction data like sales, shipping fees, advertising, and reimbursements. It also accounts for taxes, which can be set up with the tax mapping process by assigning rules to each transaction type.
  • NetSuite: A2X connects with NetSuite. NetSuite is a business solution software which includes accounting, as well as other business management solutions. And so connecting with NetSuite can add features to an A2X account, such as order and inventory management.
  • A2X certification course: If you're an accountant or bookkeeper using A2X for Walmart clients, the A2X certification course could help you boost you business. You work your way through 9 modules, made up of on-demand videos and articles. And when you're finished, you get a certification badge. Those that complete the course also get their business listed in the A2X accountant directory.

Top Link My Books Features

Link My Books P & L by Channel dashboard with Revenue, Expenses, and Net Profit broken down. And, integration logos surrounding it.

  • Guided Tax Wizard: Link My Books makes tax set up simple with its Guided Tax Wizard. You'll answer some questions when you're setting up your account, and the software uses this information to consistently, and accurately, calculate your taxes whenever you sell something. It then includes this data in summaries that make reconciliation straightforward. We even offer our customers 1:1 help with setting this up, with our free onboarding sessions.
  • Benchmarking: Link My Books Benchmarking is a new business-boosting feature that compares aspects of your business's performance with industry averages. For example, sales growth, refund ratio, and advertising fee ratio. Link My Books Benchmarking ranks your business against similar ones, and gives you a percentage to reflect your position. For instance, you might learn that your refund ratio, when converted to a percentage, is 1.32%, while the median for business's of your size is 2.58%.
  • P & L by Channel: eCommerce sellers very often sell across multiple platforms. Link My Books' P & L by Channel allows you to compare your Walmart data with data from your other sales channels. Get a complete overview of metrics like Walmart sales, fees, taxes, and refunds. Or narrow down on your data with side-by-side comparisons that are filtered by specific dates. P & L by Channel allows eCommerce sellers to judge the trajectory of performance of each of their businesses and compare results from their marketing efforts from each.

Comparing Support

Having the confidence that you're supported well by a knowledgeable team who genuinely want you to succeed is essential when you're relying on a software for your business operations. With that in mind, we're going to take a closer look at A2X and Link Books support:

A2X Support

A2X Support Center with eCommerce seller resources and a search bar at the top of the sceen

If you use A2X for Walmart bookkeeping, you'll get round-the-clock support. A2X are reachable from wherever you reside, and at any time of day. Being able to contact the A2X team 24/7 means that whatever your time zone is, you can get in touch to get your questions answered and the help you need. This shows a commitment to A2X's global customers.

In addition to being accessible via live chat and email, you can get help with common queries and issues through A2X's support center or community pages. These both have a good range of articles and resources to guide you through accounting tasks, like connecting to your QuickBooks account or growing your Walmart business.

Link My Books Support

Link My Books Help Center showing Link My Books articles for Walmart and a search bar at the top of the screen.

One of Link My Books' objectives has always been to offer excellent customer support. As such, the Link My Books support team is made up of accounting experts who share their expertise with customers. Our team knows the ins and outs of eCommerce and are dedicated to helping Link My Books users succeed. You can contact the team through email, live chat, and telephone.

Furthermore, you'll find plenty of resources on our site to help you. Whether you need help setting up a Walmart to QuickBooks integration or you want actionable information for scaling your business, our help center and blog cover essential topics in-depth.

Another fantastic aspect of our support is our podcast, "The eCommerce Profitability Show". This podcast is hosted by Link My Books co-founder Dan. He has guests who are CEOs and founders of successful eCommerce businesses, and they share their wisdom with the audience. Dan and his guests discuss strategies for achieving business growth, financial success, and of course, profitability.

Comparing Integrations

Integrations are a critical consideration when you're choosing which accounting automation software to use for your eCommerce accounting. More integrations of reliable and reputable third party platforms means more functionality and opportunities for growth.

A2X Integrations

Third party apps that integrate with A2X in a swirling, colourful pattern

A2X integrates with payment processors, along with QuickBooks Online and Xero. It also integrates with an additional two options for accounting softwares; Sage and NetSuite. Plus, A2X customers can connect the following sales channels to the platform:

  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Shopify
  • Etsy
  • eBay
  • BigCommerce

Link My Books Integrations

The Link My Books logo surrounded by logos of third party apps it integrates with

Link My Books integrates with all the major payment processors, such as Clearpay, Klarna, and PayPal. With regards to accounting softwares, you have the option to connect Walmart with Xero or QuickBooks Online.

Link My Books integrates with a good range of sales channels too:

  • Walmart
  • Etsy
  • eBay
  • TikTok Shop
  • Square
  • Amazon
  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify

Comparing Pricing

Finally, pricing is going to be a biggie for many a Walmart seller. The last thing you want is for unnecessary expenses to eat into your budget.

A2X Pricing Explained

A2X Walmart plans showing prices and inclusions

If you opt for A2X for Walmart bookkeeping, you'll find it a little pricey, particularly if you run a multi-channel eCommerce business. That is, you operate across multiple eCommerce platforms as many Walmart sellers do.

A2X plans can be divided into two categories; single channel plans and multi-channel plans. The are single-channel plans for all the eCommerce platforms A2X integrates with, including Walmart marketplace.

For those who sell solely on Walmart marketplace, the cheapest option is the Establish plan, which costs from $79/month (previously $69/month). This allows up to 2,000 orders per month and enables users to access 12 months of historical data.

If you want to connect more than one Walmart store to your A2X account, you could opt for the Premium 15K plan which allows you to connect up to 5 stores. Although this plan allows for a generous 15,000 orders per month across your 5 stores, it costs a whopping $229/month.

A2X Multi plans showing prices and inclusions

If you sell on another sales channel as well, you need to choose a Multi Plan. The cheapest Multi Plan is $89 per month and allows you to integrate 2 different sales channels. So you can integrate Walmart plus, for example, Amazon or Shopify. This allows for up to 1,000 combined orders per month.

Link My Books Pricing Explained

Link My Books plans showing prices and inclusions

Link My Books pricing is far simpler. It's much cheaper too. Prices begin at the low price of $17/month. There are just 3 plans; one to connect 1 channel, one to connect up to 5 channels, and one to connect up to 10 channels. You can move the slider at the top of the screen to adjust the number of orders your business has every month. And, the plans' prices alter to reflect this.

For example, with cheapest Lite plan for $17/month, you can connect one channel and have up to 200 orders. If you move the slider at the top to 1,000 orders, the price automatically changes to $35/month. If your 1,000 orders are spread across 5 sales channels, you'll need the Pro plan for $49/month.

To put the price difference in A2X and Link My Books in perspective, let's do a price comparison:

Link My Books plans for 10,000 orders per month showing prices and inclusions

A2X's Elevate plan, which allows 10,000 orders from one Walmart store, costs $159/month. With Link My Books, you connect 10 Walmart stores (or other stores) with 10,000 orders for just $125/month. And if you only want to connect one Walmart store with 10,000 orders, it'll cost you just $85 per month; $74 cheaper than A2X!

Why Choose Link My Books Over A2X for Walmart Accounting?

Information about a Walmart QuickBooks integration with Link My Books and a diagram on the right showing how Link My Books turns confusing raw data into clean summaries

We may be biased but it's pretty clear to us that Link My Books beats A2X on many fronts. Here are some compelling reasons to choose Link My Books over A2X:

  • Powerful analytical tools: Our software includes powerful analytical tools that'll help your business thrive. With the inclusion of Link My Books Benchmarking and P & L by Channel, you'll get access to data that you wont find anywhere else.
  • Better value for money: As we've seen above, Link My Books is by far the cheapest and best value for money.
  • Knowledgeable team of experts: Our expert team is dedicated to helping you grow your Walmart business. We share our expertise with you one-to-one, as well as through resources like our podcast.
  • Multi-channel capabilities: Link My Books is the same price, regardless of whether you have five Walmart stores or five different eCommerce stores. This, along with our P & L by Channel feature, shows we're firmly rooting for multi-channel businesses to succeed.

Integrate Walmart Marketplace With QuickBooks or Xero

Step-by-step instructions on how to integrate Walmart with QuickBooks using Link My Books

If you're ready to save hours every month on your bookkeeping, integrate your Walmart seller account with QuickBooks or Xero with Link My Books. Have the confidence of accurate accounting and tax calculations, without the fuss.

Follow this simple process to connect your Walmart account to QuickBooks or Xero:

  • Click on the Free Trial button at the top right of the Link My Books website. Answer a few questions then proceed to sign in using your QuickBooks or Xero account.
  • Connect your Walmart account when prompted. Accept the connection then connect your QuickBooks or Xero account. And, accept that connection too.
  • Choose either the Guided Tax Wizard or a free onboarding call to set up your tax rates. You'll have some defaults there if you want to stick with those. However, we advise you consult a professional accountant if you're unsure.
  • Confirm the setup information and turn on autopilot to begin sending accurate Walmart settlements to QuickBooks Online or Xero.

If you want a fuss-free migration from A2X to Link My Books, follow the instructions above. Except, when you're going through the Guided Tax Wizard, you should copy the same mapping as you used for A2X.

Please fee free to contact the team if you need any help with this.

Integrate Walmart With Your Accounting Software for Accurate Walmart Accounting

Information about putting your eCommerce accounting on autopilot with Link My Books on the left and on the right is the Link My Books logo surrounded by integration logos

A2X for Walmart might sound like the obvious solution for your Walmart accounting system. But the rising costs of what was already an expensive software are prompting eCommerce businesses to consider alternative options, like Link My Books.

Link My Books is a more affordable solution with impressive built-in analytical features. We not only facilitate accurate Walmart accounting, but we also help businesses scale. We accommodate businesses who want to branch out to different marketplaces and platforms, without putting limitations on them or offering confusing plans.

Enhance your Walmart accounting processes today by putting your bookkeeping on autopilot. Sign up for your two week free Link My Books trial and be up and running in just 15 minutes.

Link My Books blue free 14-day trial button
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