How to calculate eBay fees without getting confused
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How to calculate eBay fees without getting confused

Selling on eBay can really pay off. There are millions of buyers looking for unique items, and running an eBay store or becoming a private seller is a great way to reach that audience. Having said that, eBay selling fees are hard to calculate. Do you have to pay VAT on eBay fees? How do you calculate the shipping cost? And how do you determine the item cost if you aren't sure how many eBay seller fees you'll need to pay?

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Don't worry - an eBay fee calculator can solve many of those headaches. In this article, we'll introduce you to eBay final value fees calculators as well as the best accounting software for eBay sellers who need a little help keeping their books in order.

What fees does eBay charge?

If you haven't started selling on eBay yet, you may wonder why you would even need an eBay final fees calculator to begin with. Let's just say that the payment fees are probably more complicated than you think, so don't wait until you need to pay eBay fees before getting a grip on them. Here's what you can expect.

eBay Listing Fees

eBay charges insertion fees for all eBay sellers that list items on the site. These fees are determined by your subscription level, the item you are selling, the type of listing, how long an item is listed, and any additional promotional features you may want to add. These fees are not refundable, even if your item doesn't sell.

eBay Final Value Fees

eBay charges a final value fee whenever a sale has been completed. The final value fee is based on the final total sales price, including the shipping and handling fee. The final value fee varies by the marketplace and is occasionally refundable. It's not a fixed fee and will vary based on your account type and item category.

Other fees

The final value fee and insertion or selling fee are the most common fees you can expect to pay, but there are several others you may come across. (Again, that's why most of us need an eBay fee calculator!).

These fees can include the following:

  • Store subscription fees charged to professional eBay sellers who opt to go the subscription route;
  • Dispute fees, if buyers complain about a sale or an item they've bought for valid reasons;
  • International sales fees if you sell to international clients;
  • Low-performance fees, if you don't have the right ratings as set out in eBay's Seller Performance Standards;
  • Inaccurate Item Description fees, a penalty you may be charged if you don't accurately describe your item.

Fees for eBay Managed Payments Sellers

These are also a few fees relevant to sellers who use eBay managed payments. eBay managed payment fees are generally easier to understand because it combines many of the fees we've already discussed.

The best eBay fee calculators in 2022 and beyond

There are a few ways you can stay on top of all of these eBay fees. If you are a private seller with relatively few listings, you can use this handy free eBay seller bookkeeping spreadsheet to keep track of your fees. Alternatively, you can use an eBay fees calculator. Here are just a few to consider: is an eBay UK fees calculator (and eBay profit calculator) that makes it easy to determine the total selling price of your goods. You can input your item cost, shipping cost, seller type, promoted listing price and a number of other variables to view your profit margin at a glance.

3D Sellers eBay Fee calculator

3D Sellers eBay fee calculator

3D sellers have a useful eBay fee calculator that takes your subscription level, promotions, shipping costs and other fees into account. It will also help you work backwards so you can determine your break-even point and ensure that your sales are profitable.


ZikAnalytics eBay Fee Calculator

ZikAnalytics eBay calculator is one of the simplest tools you can use. It splits out your fees based on the core information you've provided about your listing.

How automated accounting helps with eBay fees

Calculating your eBay fees ahead of time is useful, but it doesn't simplify your accounting. eBay only sends a single bank deposit and settlement statements, which aren't very thorough (or timeous, for that matter).

You can easily spend hours trying to figure out which eBay fees were added, whether or not tax was collected, and whether or not returns or dispute fees were deducted. This is where Link My Books comes in, an automated eBay bookkeeping solution that makes it easy to keep track of your eBay sales and fees.

Like most eCommerce businesses, you probably sell on more than one platform. Don't worry. Link My Books includes automated Amazon bookkeeping, automated Etsy accounting and automated Shopify accounting in a single solution.

Link My Books captures all of your eBay settlement information for you, including income and expenses. It forms a perfect bridge between Xero or QuickBooks and eBay so that you can focus on what you do best: selling.

Don't get confused. Just get Link My Books!

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