February 7, 2023

Understanding The Impact of Etsy Seller Fees on Your Profit

Are you ready to find an effective accounting solution for your Etsy shop? Link My Books is an excellent accounting software to track Etsy seller fees.
Understanding The Impact of Etsy Seller Fees on Your Profit
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Etsy is an excellent e-commerce platform for those interested in buying and selling unique, high-quality artisan products. The company's popularity has only continued to grow as the years have passed. Why is Etsy so popular with consumers and sellers alike?

If you produce handmade or elegant items and crafting supplies, Etsy is the place to sell. You will significantly increase your business and attract more customers than before. A secure and efficient account solution that will make your business on the e-commerce platform accessible and easy to function is vital whether you are new or experienced with the e-commerce platform. Keep reading to learn more about how Etsy's seller fees impact your financial gain.

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How Do Etsy Seller Fees Impact Your Profit?

Did you know that Etsy seller fees now include higher transaction fees, shipping, and gift wrapping fees? As an Etsy seller, accounting is an important step in tracking your profit. Etsy seller fees are the additional rate Etsy charges the provider for their services. Every time you sell an item on your Etsy shop, Etsy will keep a portion of the sale, allowing you to do business on their platform while keeping them afloat. How much profit are you actually taking home? In order to make the most of your e-commerce market, you need to have a complete understanding of Etsy seller accounting fees.

Why is it Important to Track Fees to Accurately Pay Taxes Each Fiscal Year?

As a self-employed businessperson, you are responsible for reporting your Etsy accounting income on your tax return. Keeping proper track of your business's income and expenses is essential to ensure you have provided as accurate information as possible in case the HRMC requests an audit. Additionally, you might be able to claim some of your income as deductions. This may include Etsy seller fees.

There’s a large selection of excellent accounting software out there that can help Etsy sellers keep track of their Etsy accounting information, including Link My Books. Digital documentation is an excellent way to manage your business's finances as it is more time efficient than paper filing and can be accessed anywhere so long as you have a source of technology with you.

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What Is Included in Etsy Seller Fees?

As an e-commerce seller, you may be wondering how much Etsy takes out of your Etsy seller accounting fees. Awide range of Etsy fees may be applicable to the items you sell on your Etsy shop. As an Etsy seller, the accounting process is essential to ensure you understand the platform's fee structure and legal terms and policies to understand which fees may or may not apply to the tax structure in your region.

Listing Fees

The current Esty seller fee for listings is $0.20 per listing. The listing fee is the fee you pay to make a product viable for purchase on Etsy's records. If you set out to sell 10 identical products individually or all together, you would still need to pay the listing fee for each product separately. If the items listed haven't sold in four months, that listing expires, and you will need to pay the listing fee again to renew the product. Etsy has a feature that helps sellers by letting them set products to renew automatically.

Transaction Fees

The current transaction fee, meaning the amount you, the Etsy seller, charge for an item, is 6.5% per item. Transaction fees are distinct from payment processing fees as the former is a fee Etsy levies sellers to cover the expenses associated with using their platform to sell products. The 6.5% fee is the charge for your product and includes the prices for the cost of product customization and gift wrapping.

Etsy also collects a 6.5% fee on the amount you charge customers for shipping. If you offer free shipping to your customers but include that shipping cost in the total cost of the product, you will still pay this transaction fee. 

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Payment Processing Fees

A payment processing fee allows all online businesses access to online payments. Depending on the region you live in, Etsy employs an in-house payment processor that sellers are required to use. The US, UK, Australia, and Canada all have Etsy's payment processor implemented for online payments.

For each transaction, Etsy charges 3% and $0.25 US dollars. However, this payment server accepts an extensive array of payments, including credit cards, debit cards, Etsy gift cards, Paypal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Platform Ad Fees

As online shopping continues to grow in popularity with consumers, Etsy has implemented successful marketing tools to benefit its users. If you want to grow your business by boosting its name on Etsy, you can market your products in its marketplace through Etsy ads. Depending on your business's budget, you can set the amount of money you are willing to spend for onsite ads with its pay-per-click pricing. 

Etsy also enables an offsite ad service. All users are automatically enrolled for this feature with the option to opt out if the seller has made less than $10,000 US dollars in the past year. The offsite seller fee is either 12% or 15%, depending on your shop's annual sales, in addition to Etsy's other expenditures. 

What are Etsy's Pricing Plans?

Outside of Etsy's seller fees, the e-commerce platform may also charge you fees if you sell items in your online store in person as well in addition to monthly subscription fees. Etsy offers sellers two options for subscription: the free standard plan and the in-purchase plus plan.

The Pricing of Etsy's Standard Plan

As an Etsy seller and self-employed business owner, you may be interested in saving money where you need with Etsy's standard plan. The standard plan is a free seller account that comes with the basic necessities required to help users list their products on Etsy, buy and print out discounted postage, and reach new audiences with marketing tools such as sales and coupons. This plan allows you access to Etsy without a monthly subscription fee. However, you will still pay money each time you use Etsy's tools and services.

The Pricing of Etsy's In-Purchase Plus Plan

Etsy's plus plan includes the features of the standard program in addition to advanced customization options and restocking requests for items you have sold out of. You will have credits and discounts on additional Etsy services each month. If you want to tailor your Etsy shop to your taste to attract more customers, you can change your shop's layout and banner options with the in-purchase plus plan.

How to Save Time Tracking Fees

In order to have financial success on Etsy, ensure you are aware of the main Etsy seller fees that may apply to you and how you can work around these fees to stay successful in your profit.

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Increase Prices

You may be afraid to increase your product prices for fear of deterring customers. However, buyers often view items priced at a higher cost as luxury items and are more willing to pay for them. You will be able to manage the seller fees installed by Etsy and retain a profit in your sales when you increase your item's overall cost.

Cut Product and Shipping Costs

Do you want to make your products more affordable without impacting their quality? Restructuring your business's shipping and production can help you reduce expenses. Compare different shipping companies to find which is the most cost-effective as you ship out packages to buyers.

Decide Whether or Not Etsy Ads are For You

Etsy ads are an excellent marketing tool to grow your business by reaching new and old clientele. Since you have the option to opt in or out of offsite Etsy ads, you can decide whether or not the 12% or 15% fee fits your business's profit margins.

Are you ready to figure out your profit margin on Etsy? Decide which Etsy costs are worth your business expenses with excellent accounting software. Link My Books helps you keep an accurate and automatic bookkeeping record of any Etsy seller fees applicable to your online store.

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