Amazon Sweden Marketplace Added To Link My Books

Amazon Sweden Marketplace Added To Link My Books

Amazon recently announcement that it would be adding a 7th marketplace for the Amazon Europe region, or Amazon Sweden.

When will this be added to my account?

Link My Books was quick to react as usual and we have already added support for the Swedish marketplace ahead of Amazon launching it.

As of 15th September all users will see the new marketplace on their Account & Tax Mappings page and as soon as they receive their first payout from, it will automatically show on their Settlement Dashboard too.

Do I need to do anything?

Amazon Sweden will be part of the Amazon Europe region so users who have their European seller accounts connected to Link My Books will not need to take any further action, their Swedish settlements will flow in automatically.

Users will need to assign their account and tax rate preferences to the new marketplace, the easiest way to do so being through the EU Account & Taxes wizard via the Account & Taxes menu:

Users who have made any manual changes directly on the Account & Tax mapping page or those with product groups would need to firstly go through the EU Account & Taxes wizard and then re-do their manual changes and re-assign tax rates and accounts for specific product groups via the Product Groups page. For help on this contact support.

If you have any questions about the new Swedish marketplace or have any feedback regarding it then please get in touch with support.

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Dan Little
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